Destiny 2 Is Back On Track With The Forsaken DLC Reveal

Bungie seems to have stepped into overdrive with the reveal of Forsaken, the third expansion for Destiny 2. The third expansion of Destiny 1, Taken King was definitely the turning point of the game, adding a ton of new content and a wonderful, intense new story. Based on the Forsaken reveal stream, it is shaping up to be the same experience. Why Bungie seem to wait until the third expansion to bring out the big guns but it is nice to see it on the horizon.

Forsaken takes Guardians back to the Reef, specifically to a place known as the Tangled Shore which is a sea of asteroids, tied together inhabited by all the best kinds of creatures – assassins, pirates, thieves etc. Most notably are the brand new race that we will encounter in Forsaken, known as the Scorn.

The Scorn are encountered for the first time through a prison break, and yes that means we are going back to the Prison of Elders. Cayde-6 has been busy tracking down and imprisoning all the baddies of the universe in the prison. But now they are all out, prompting a universe-wide Scorn hunt.

Destiny Fallen.jpg

The Scorn are very much steroid-infused Fallen. Like this is your brain.


And this is your brain on drugs.

The Scorn are incredibly aggressive and will seize every opportunity to rush you and try to overwhelm you with sheer numbers and incredible power. The Scorn are led by a sect of eight Barons, similar to how the Kells lead the Fallen.

BaronScorn Baron

Guardians will face each of these Barons in intense combat scenarios, like the sniper Baron that you will battle sniper to sniper or the hulking melee Baron. These are shaping up to be exciting battles and a definite change of pace to bullet sponge after bullet sponge.

Exotic Shotgun?

But how will we face down this new threat? The key answer is a brand new weapon system, allowing you to fully customise and play your way with the weapons you prefer. Let me break it down for you: you can stick with the current Destiny 2 weapon slots, you can return to the way the primary, secondary and heavy slots functioned in Destiny 1 or you can mix it up crazy. I’m talking three shotguns crazy. Or three sniper rifles.

Bow and Arrow

On top of the crazy new weapon system, Guardians are getting a series of bow and arrow weapons that will apparently compete quite well against the auto rifles and machine guns. There will be short, medium and long-range bows that will vibe with any Guardian playstyle.

Finally, random rolls are making a comeback in Forsaken. Bungie has listened to the community uproar from the past year and are taking steps to make each and every weapon unique and powerful in its own right.


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But at its core, Destiny is about the crazy space powers and where would we be without our Supers? Forsaken is bringing a series of new subclass paths and devastating Supers that are exceedingly powerful and epically badass.

Voidlocks can teleport and explode in a burst of void energy, Stormcallers can summon an almost endless beam of electrical energy, Gunslingers can throw a spree of fire knives, Arcstriders can reflect projectiles and Sunbreakers can summon a massive fire-tornado summoning hammer.

Can you say hype?!

Dreaming CityRaid TeamDreaming City Mystery

One of the biggest gripes with Destiny 2 is that there isn’t enough to do, especially at the higher levels. The raid team over at Bungie have gone overboard with a raid set in the Dreaming City, the Awoken homeland.

The Dreaming City is the biggest raid Bungie has ever developed with more hidden secrets, puzzles and the highest number of bosses Guardians have ever faced. One of the more impressive things about the Dreaming City is that it is constantly changing, special puzzles unlocked within change the very landscape you traverse. One thing is for certain, the first week of the Dreaming City is definitely going to be different to the third week and beyond.

Gambit Block

For all those non-raiders who want a new and intense Crucible experience Forsaken will supply Gambit. Gambit is a blend of PVE and PVP, think Crucible and Prison of Elders merged into one awesome experience. Two teams load into the match and do battle against hordes of AI enemies in two separate arenas.

These enemies will drop motes that Guardians can pick up and deposit into a special bank. Banking motes will not only push your team closer to victory but will place a block on the enemy teams bank. They will not be able to bank motes until that block is removed. As the match progresses, a may open in your arena allowing a single player to transport over and attempt to take down the enemy Guardians in a spectacular display of combat viciousness.

Gambit Enemy

Once enough motes have been deposited into your team’s bank, a primaeval enemy will spawn which you will need to take down. Simply finish the enemy off before the enemy team summons and kills theirs and you will win the round. Easy right?

Forsaken launches on September 4th, 2018 and will revolutionise the way the game is played and the content we will be able to tackle. Destiny 2 is definitely on the up and up and it is going to be amazing to dive in.

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