Meet The Heavily-Armed Javelins Of Anthem

Bioware is known for the amazing stories that they create, from Dragon Age to Mass EffectAnthem is going to be no exception with a story that is affected by the choices you make and the actions you take.

Fort Tarsis Story

Freelancers will feel the bulk of the story inside Fort Tarsis, where players will receive quests, collect the rewards for their labour and feel the impacts of their actions. For the story of Anthem revolves around a hostile world left uncompleted and abandoned by the gods, full of mutated creatures, rampaging monsters and deadly storms.

The gods left behind their massive tools, relics of a power long gone, which coincidentally is in constant conflict with the unknowable force known as the Anthem of Creation. That is the overarching theme of the game, with the story and world designed specifically to add more story, lore, events and content to the game post-launch.

At its core Anthem is a living-world constantly changing, whether it is the weather, time of day, special events or the sky-shattering Shaper Storms with their hidden dangers.

Javelin Group

But who are you to take on this dangerous world? You are a Freelancer, one of the specially trained few capable of piloting the Javelin exo-suits which enable you to survive in the harsh world outside Fort Tarsis.

There are four Javelins to choose from, each of which comes with its own abilities, strengths, weaknesses and customisation options.


The Ranger is the general all-rounder of the group, with abilities that favour close range combat.


The Colossus is the heavy tank of the group, generally roaming the ground and launching heavy assaults against its foes.

Colussus Shield

The Colossus can utilise a heavy shield to block incoming damage, protect their fellow Javelins and roam through bomb fields, without much consequence.


Nothing is known, thus far about the Interceptor Javelin but based on the name and the design, the Interceptor is all about speed.


The Storm is in the same boat as the Interceptor in regards to available information but it seems that this Javelin will be a longer ranged suit, with a spree of electrical-based abilities.

Storm Electrical Field

Storm can summon an electrical field, possibly to disrupt incoming bullet fire or to provide a form of stat boost during combat.

Storm V Turret

Within Anthem, you are able to foray into the dangerous world, either on your own or in a group of up to four Freelancers in any configuration of Javelins that you please. If you want to blitz the competition with a non-stop bombardment of heavy artillery, you can team up as four Colossus’ or four Interceptors, to dash around the map like a swarm of highly armed dragonflies.



Players are able to make their Javelins their own with a customisation system allowing changes to the colour and pattern of the exo-suits as well as the very geometry of the armour. This feeds into the lore of the world, where each Javelin is built from materials scavenged from the world.

Ranger V Beast

Aside from jazzing up the colour, players can purchase vanity items and cosmetics for real money, but the important thing to note is that you will know exactly what you are paying for. This means NO LOOTBOXES IN ANTHEM.


During the E3 presentation, Bioware showed off four minutes of new Anthem gameplay, specifically revolving around the mission, “Scars and Villainy”, showing off more of the flight system and awesome combat tools, such as the above flamethrower.

Mortars, rocket launchers, assorted rifles and machine guns are all earnable, equippable and quite capable of laying waste to all your foes. As mentioned earlier, the world of Anthem is full of mutated beasts and monsters but there are also alternate factions we will face outside Fort Tarsis.


These include the Scars, dangerous scavengers that will attempt to eliminate the free people of Fort Tarsis and the Freelancers. Freelancers will also have to contend with their rivals, the Dominion, a lethal faction that believe they have found a way to weaponise the Anthem of Creation which will be bad news for everyone involved.

Underwater Flight

Anthem will be released on February 22nd, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and it is shaping up to be an amazing adventure with an intense combat system and engaging story.

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