Escape The Moon In Prey’s Mooncrash DLC

It has been a year since Prey was released and players are finally getting a reason to dive back into the Phantom-filled universe with the game’s first DLC, MooncrashMooncrash, as the name suggests, sends players to the Moon for an infinitely replayable, action-intensive adventure.

You act as a spy, attempting to relive and uncover the events leading to the moon research station going dark. Each run of the Mooncrash simulation will change elements of the zone, environmental hazards such as fire and electricity, loot and the enemies you will face. This makes each run of the DLC a challenging experience and one that pits risk vs reward at its very core.

For while there is a rich tapestry of lore, treasure and secrets to uncover throughout Mooncrash each second you spend in the simulation will raise your Corruption Meter, which causes the Typhon to mutate and become stronger and the assorted hazards to become much more dangerous.

Laser Weapon

While Mooncrash extends the lore and story of the main game, Morgan Yu is not the protagonist of this sim, instead, you can step into the shoes of five different characters, each with their own unique strengths and abilities. Take Joan for example, an expert engineer, who can repair, fortify and summon deadly turrets to eliminate her opponents.

Control Mimic

The end goal is to help all five characters escape the moon base with their lives, which sounds relatively simple, but battling the random changes in moon base content each run, as well as a danger-boosting Corruption Meter makes it slightly complex.

While it is an action-packed new DLC, there will be special story-based secrets and special side missions for those that are so inclined (which you should be).

Mooncrash is available for purchase right now for $20 USD, and will also come with added updates over the next few months. On top of Mooncrash, the base Prey game has received a free update as well.

Mooncrash Weapon

Three new modes have been added;

  • Story for those players who want an easier adventure to explore the universe and experience the different endings.
  • New Game+ to replay the game with your upgraded abilities and weaponry.
  • Survival for those hardcore players. Survival adds a trauma system that provides a spree of difficult mechanics to make the experience a little more challenging. For example, you may start bleeding out if you are attacked by a Typhon.

Prey is an immersive sci-fi adventure that is only getting better and more intense, especially with the incoming multiplayer mode known as Typhon Hunter. It is time to head to the moon.

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