For Honor

For Honor’s Marching Fire Update Adds Breach Mode And New Warrior Faction

At its core, For Honor pits legendary warriors from dynamic parts of history against one another in intense, fast-paced combat. Vikings, Knights and Samurai all undertake frenzied battle to win honour and slay their enemies. So it just makes sense to pit them against each other in a literal siege.

For Honor: Breach

For Honor’s Marching Fire update will unleash Breach, a 4v4 siege mode where the player will either be cast as the attacker or defender of a large castle. Attackers must breach the door, with a battering ram, all while doing battle against enemy players and AI combatants to breach the castle and eliminate the lord.

Defenders, on the other hand, will do the exact opposite, attempting to repel the invaders and keep their lord safe from any fatal wounds. But Breach doesn’t just bring a scenic location to the action, with an array of devastating siege weapons at your disposal.

BallistaBattering Ram

Ballistae are able to be utilised to fire large bolts at incoming warriors, which can both thin the herd and give you a decisive advantage in a difficult fight. For the defenders, there are also cauldrons of fiery oil that can be poured on the invaders, rendering them dead in an instant.

Marching Fire also brings a brand new endless PVE mode yet to be revealed, which can be tackled either solo or in two-player co-op.

Oh, one more thing. For Honor’s Marching Fire update also unlocks a new Chinese faction, known as the Wu Lin. Much like the other factions, the Wu Lin have a selection of four warriors to choose from, each utilising a very different type of weapon.



Shaolin’s are known for their agile, monkey-like style of combat and they utilise a simple staff to devastating effect.



The royal protectors of the kings and queens of ancient China, masters of the one-handed dao blade.



Bodyguards and assassins, the Nuxia flow across the battlefield with an elegant dance-style while wielding the deadly hook blades.

Jiang Jun

Jiang Jun

Generals of ancient Chinese armies, the Jiang Jun have mastered the two-handed guandao blade.

For Honor’s Marching Fire update promises to deliver intense action and yet another rivalry into an already chaotic world. It will release on October 16th, 2018 for all consoles but in the meantime, you should definitely check out the trailer. It is intense.

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