Sea Of Thieves

The Skeleton Thrones Event Is Live In Sea Of Thieves

With the Meg having retreated to the dark depths of the oceans Sea of Thieves is now playing host to the first of the smaller events that will pop up between major updates. Known as Skeleton Thrones, this event tasks you with hunting down ten thrones hidden in the world of Sea of Thieves.

Skeleton Thrones falls under the banner of Bilge Rat Adventures, the Bilge Rats being a brand new faction in the world with their own unique progression, currency and delightful disposition.


Over the course of Skeleton Thrones, you will be able to earn Doubloons which will be exchangeable with the Bilge Rats to acquire some awesome looking cosmetic items until the 26th of June 2018 from the Bonecrusher collection, each part of which will cost 20 Doubloons each.

But back to the Skeleton Thrones. The thrones are hidden around the islands and world of Sea of Thieves and simply require pirates to sit on them. Some require just a single lonesome pirate to live out a pirate lord fantasy, while others require pirates from more than one crew, leading to temporary alliances and hopefully friendships.

But it is not an easy task to simply discover these Thrones as they are hidden in obscure and hard to reach locations. You may need to work on your human cannonball aim to reach some of the tougher ones, which could lead to some hilarious scenarios.

You can either seek out the thrones on your own accord or if you wish, you can utilise this Reddit post that is updated with the island locations.

There are ten Skeleton Thrones to discover, five small and five large. Completing the five smaller thrones will unlock a unique Pirate Title while discovering and completing all ten will unlock yet another Title for maximum bragging rights.

Make sure to get in on the fun of Skeleton Thrones before they disappear on June 26th, if not for the thrill, then for the outlandish bone pirate gear. Happy hunting pirates.

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