Destiny 2

So Prince Uldren Is Back In Destiny 2…..

And he acts as the catalyst for the darkest expansion of the Destiny franchise.

Destiny 2’s big, up and coming expansion Forsaken had already been generating the hype with a darker storyline, new weaponry, new Super abilities and changes to the actual weapon system. Well, a few days ago Bungie revealed just how dark Forsaken’s storyline will be with a new trailer.

Cayde-6, our beloved Hunter Vanguard has been killed, by none other than Prince Uldren of the Awoken, someone we met in the first Destiny and who was lost on Mars during the assault on the Dreadnaught.

Storywise it is a smart move to create that emotional void and driving force by removing one of the more popular characters. Losing Mordin in Mass Effect 2 and Noble Team in Halo: Reach stills rings true for me to this day. However, there could be slight personality issues with Cayde-6 being one of the only characters in Destiny throwing a bit of levity and humour into the game.

In a Playstation interview with Scott Taylor, project lead for Forsaken, it was uncovered that the central goal for the expansion was to present high stakes that also felt quite personal to the player. It already has with the internet abuzz with anger and passion towards Cayde’s death and Uldren himself.

Cayde’s demise will set everything in motion during the start of the expansion and fuels Guardian’s choices and their rage. During Forsaken the line between right and wrong becomes slightly blurred in the lawless frontier of the Tangled Shore. Guardians will make alliances they would have avoided before and essentially begin to hunt down the Barons of the Scorn, one by one.

Despite the shocking nature of the event, you will learn a lot more of why Prince Uldren took down Cayde, where he has been in the interim and indeed why he is working with the Scorn. Scott Taylor has stated that Uldren is the hero of his own story, does not neccessarily mean he isn’t a villain from our perspective, but he will be an interesting foe.

Uldren is not the only member of the Reef coming with Forsaken with Petra Venj making an appearance, as is evident by the above screenshots posted by Mrs 5000 Watts. Based on her stance she appears to be not only a figure in the story but also a new vendor, which will fit based on our interactions with her in Destiny 1.

It is unknown at this time if the Queen will make an appearance but it is likely, with how Forsaken appears to revolve around the Sovs and the Awoken in general. Plus, when he whereabouts were questioned by Playstation, Taylor simply stated, “I don’t want to get mixed up in the family affairs of the Sovs. You saw what happened to Cayde”.

Coincidence? I think not.

Forsaken launches on September 4th 2018 and it is going to be a massive expansion. Just keep your fingers crossed that Bungie can truly flesh out this amazing story arc.

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