Anthem: Legion Of Dawn Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Anthem’s reveal at E3 was a massive hype up for many players who cannot wait to get their hands on the game and climb into their very own Javelin. But with the release date being set for February 22nd, 2019, players will be waiting quite a little while.

But never fear as the pre-order bonuses for the Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem have been uncovered and they are remarkable. Unfortunately, they are only available for pre-order through the Xbox site for $110 Australian as the page isn’t loading currently on Sony’s side.

Anthem Legion Of Dawn Bonus

But what will you get if you pre-order the Legion of Dawn edition? Well, the most tangible cosmetic item is that you get access to four Legendary armour packs, one for each Javelin featuring a fierce black and beige colour scheme. You will be given a Founders player banner showing off your status as one of the first to venture out into the wilds surrounding Fort Tarsis, a Ranger Javelin gear attachment and access to the Anthem digital soundtrack.


However, one of the most valuable things as part of the Legion of Dawn edition is that players who pre-order will receive VIP access to pre-launch demos of Anthem. Players will able to take to the skies and test the waters before the official launch and it will at least be something to tide players over until the full release.

Hopefully, we will see a surge of alternative physical editions of Anthem closer to release, it would be amazing to see a Collectors Edition.

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