The Behemoth Is Arriving In Monster Hunter World With A Final Fantasy XIV Collab

Monster Hunter World is getting a brand new monster to hunt down in a free Summer update (Winter for us Aussies). In a delightful collaboration, the Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV is being added to the game and it definitely does fit right in with the deadly nature of the New World.

Meteor Summon.png

Apart from a barrage of deadly physical attacks with claws and teeth, which would be enough to put any seasoned hunter on their guard, the Behemoth can summon fiery meteors from the sky to stun, disorient and damage players.

The Behemoth is just the latest in a spree of Monster Hunter World updates adding the likes of the dangerous pickle-beast Deviljho, Dragon Kulve Tarroth and most recently, the Lunastra.

It won’t be long before hunters from all over the world are tackling the challenge brought by this fearsome beast and crafting armour from its hide. If you think about it, the hunters are the true threat to the New World.


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