Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins Is Getting Just A Splash Of Patriotism With Update 1.2

You know, just a tad, just a slight taste.

In between major Paladins content updates, the game will see smaller scale updates mostly bringing bug fixes, balance changes and delightful cosmetics. Update 1.2 will only see one new skin arrive in the Realm, but it is amazing.

I must confess, when I first saw the concept art for Ameri-Khan, I wasn’t blown away and had no immediate desire to add it to my ever-growing collection. That has since changed,

Ameri-Khan In-GameAmeri-Khan Weapon

Fireworks, bald eagles, and FREEDOM are all part of the Realm now whether we like it or not. Everything about the oncoming Ameri-Khan skin is incredibly over the top and unnecessary and it is everything players needed and more.

The intense design is only made more so by the incredible and meme-worthy voicepack, recorded by the talented Howard Wang. With delicate themes such as freedom, patriotism and politeness delivered in a whispered tone, Ameri-Khan has not only raised the bar but added 400 lbs of solid steel to it for a light workout.

Ameri-Khan can be purchased as a direct buy for 600 Crystals or rolled in the World Wide Chest along with Red Winter Tyra. Hopefully, there will be an ongoing theme with global Champion skins. Some selections I have seen already include the likes of Austra-Lian and New Zhinland.


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