The Novel

The Novel: The Beginning

I’ve always had a love for creative writing. I was the daydreaming type, who always had monsters, beasties and assorted creatures in my head. During showers and the moments before I succumbed to the crawling tendrils of sleep, I would play out dialogue or plot points in my head to try and make a cohesive story. On long car rides, I would imagine a hooded shadow dashing from tree to tree, across open fields and running across vast lakes all to keep pace with whatever vehicle I was in.

A big part of this love was a passion for interesting characters, usually found through the fantasy and sci-fi novels I bury my nose in, the video games I play constantly and even the history tomes I comb through. I have a sincere passion for creating and interacting with interesting and memorable characters. Currently, I am enthralled in Elder Scrolls Online and have been enjoying every interaction with the introspective Sotha Sil and the sassy Augur of the Obscure.

I have all of my own characters stuck in my head, half written plot lines, dialogue choices, humour and tragedy swirling around. Millions of ideas with the potential to go billions of ways have been rattling around in my head searching for a way out. That way out is beginning tonight as I am finally starting work on my very first novel.

Set in a fantasy world of epic proportions, The Unbreached (working title) will focus on characters, their relationships with others and the relationships with themselves. And hopefully, a whole lot of crazy adventures and madness.

It has begun. There will be updates posted at least once a week about the progress of the novel and the arc designs I have made, without getting too spoilery of course.

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