It Came In Like A Wrecking Ball! Meet Hammond, Overwatch’s Newest Tank

The name Hammond was teased during the lore releases preceding the launch of the Horizon Lunar Colony map as one of the escaped creatures. While many hypothesised that Hammond would be a smaller counterpart to Winston, Hammond is, in fact, a hyper-intelligent tinkerer piloting a hand-made iron mech.

Hammond was one of the few creatures on the Horizon Lunar Colony moon base to receive unexpected increases in brain function due to genetic therapy. Teaching himself the skills of a mechanic, the tinkerer was born and unleashed onto outback Australia, Junkertown to be exact after opportunistically hitching to Winston’s escape pod.

He also bears a great similarity to one other well-known wrecking ball.

Hammond Iron MechOmnidroid

Hammond is known as the Wrecking Ball due to his uncontested reign in Junkertown’s Scrapyard and what an apt name it is. Bringing to bear the full force of two rapid-firing quad cannons which shred any enemies that are unfortunate enough to be caught in their wake.

Roll retracts the legs of the Wrecking Ball into the mech increasing maximum movement speed at the cost of not being able to fire. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to damage as it can be combined with Grappling Claw to swing around the battlefield causing high-collisions to deal damage and knock back enemies. Essentially, his Roll mode is a true staple of his abilities, allowing you to embody the essence of the wrecking ball.

While in Roll mode and coupled with Grappling Hook to get airborne, Hammond can initiate his Pildriver which is prompted by hitting the crouch button. This causes Hammond to bring the full force of his iron mech to bear with a devastating downward slam damaging enemies and launching them skyward.

Hammond has an Adaptive Shield that can create temporary personal shields that provide a burst of health depending on how many enemies are in close proximity. This allows for that last ditch escape that is optimised if combined with Roll.

Iron Mech Scrapyard

Hammond isn’t known as tinkerer for nothing as he can drop a massive field of proximity mines to close off areas and deal large damage to foes who are unfortunate enough to trigger it. These mines will take a few seconds to arm themselves fully, allowing alert foes to try and escape but there is only so much that can be done.

Hammond is available on the PTS now, so log on now and try out the genetically-modified, tinkering, iron-battlemech-piloting hamster, Hammond.

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