Sea Of Thieves

The Fuses Have Been Lit. Sea Of Thieves Gunpowder Skeletons Adventure Is Live

Sea of Thieves is playing host to its second Bilge Rat adventure following the success of the Skeleton Thrones event. For those players who didn’t have the chance to play during Skeleton Thrones, they will still be present in the world along with the Titles and Commendations that come with them. Unfortunately, the Bonecrusher clothing set has been crushed for the time being.

Gunpowder Skeleton In-Game

Sea of Thieves will be a little more explodey from now on with the unleashing of Gunpowder Skeletons. These volatile little buggers will pop up as emergent enemies on random islands, as part of bounty quests and even as potential waves on Skeleton Forts. The sheer chain-explosive combos that pirates will be able to string will simply be mind-boggling.

Bonecrusher Weapons

A total of 150 Doubloons will be earnable over the course of Gunpowder Skeletons, which you can hoard and keep to yourself or spend on the new Bonecrusher weapon set. The Flintlock, Blunderbuss, Cutlass and Eye of Reach will all get new bone-themed skins purchasable for 15 Doubloons each.

Doubloons can be earned over the course of Gunpowder Skeletons from unique Commendations along with two new pirate Titles which will be found in your Vanity Chest upon acquisition. For a long-term goal over the course of Gunpowder Skeletons, you can also strive to complete the Legendary Commendation for an additional 50 Doubloons.

While we are on the topic of gunpowder, the explosive substance has received some updates probably courtesy of the Skellies that haul them like treasure. Exploding gunpowder kegs now have the ability to rock and push ships on the seas and on the beachfront. Players are also able to light a five-second fuse when holding the keg by holding down the primary action button (right trigger/left click).

Back to the important stuff, Gunpowder Skeletons will be around until July 10th, so better get to unlocking those Commendations and earning that sweet Bonecrusher weapon set.

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