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Paladins Deep Dive For Furia, The Angel Of Vengeance

With Furia having finally arrived for Xbox One, I was able to get my hands on the newest Support Champion to enter the Realm. The thing that is immediately noticeable as soon as you fly into a match with Furia is that she is an incredibly aggressive Support.

She is not a Support in the typical sense, conceived from the get-go as a damage-hybrid, someone to own the battlefield with her high damage output, burst heal, crowd control and team boosting Ultimate. Healing allies directly affects your dps-output through the build-up of Wrath.

Pyre Blade

Furia’s weapon is the sword-rifle Pyre Blade, which, to my annoyance, doesn’t have any melee capabilities. The Pyre Blade can deal 660 damage every second at medium to close ranges. However, Furia is a Support that melds damage and healing synergistically. This is where Wrath comes in which is a self-given buff that charges from healing allies. Every time you use Kindle Soul on a target Wrath builds up increasing your fire rate, which in turn increases your damage output. So healing and assisting your team directly helps Furia become a more lethal force on the battlefield.

On the topic of Kindle Soul, the first thing I want to mention is that, like many of the single-target healing abilities in Paladins, it can be quite frustrating to hit your intended target in the chaos of the fantasy firefighting. The good news is that Kindle Soul has a short cooldown, but in my humble opinion, your loadout should include the card that reduces the cooldown because Kindle Soul can heal a total of 1500 health, with a 1000 health burst and 500 being provided over two seconds.

Having a constant resupply of 1000 hp every second or so could give your team the edge you need or buy you enough time for backup to arrive. Not to mention it would be incredibly frustrating for the enemy. And of course, don’t forget about Wrath.

Pyre Strike

Furia comes with her own personal brand of crowd control with Pyre Strike, sending a damaging beam of pure light cascading forward not only damaging enemies for 400 but stunning them for one second. Pyre Strike doesn’t just stop with one and can stun the entire enemy team provided they stay in a single line. Pyre Strike is the perfect tool to turn an enemy advantage into a disadvantage as a second is a very long time when you have one or more allies on your side. Not to mention, it can assist Furia herself as a way to increase distance when retreating.

You know you are dealing with a Champion that is meant to damage when even her movement ability has the potential to deal damage. Wings of Wrath is a backwards propulsion ability that launches out three enemy-seeking attacks that each deal 200 damage. These attacks do not pursue enemies forever and are easily stopped by walls, high terrain and other structures. But it definitely can make a pursuing enemy think twice about charging in. Losing 600 health before the main fight is a significant handicap, especially for non-front line Champs.

I like using Wings of Wrath pre-emptively as a way to get some additional damage before the initial clash. Any advantage is a good one, the downside is that you can only travel backwards. You can always spin Furia around, activate Wings of Wrath to get a little closer to your destination and spin back around. Just be careful as it is very easy to get caught with your back turned.


Furia’s Ultimate ability is Inflame which initially makes Furia untargetable for two seconds. This basically means that for the duration of Furia’s third person where her majestic wings are flared she takes no damage and cannot be hit by auto-aim abilities or be affected by crowd control. This only lasts for two seconds, if you time it right you can negate the effects of most enemy Ultimates.

Now for the fun part, for a further eight seconds, Furia and any allies within 150 ft of her will be imbued with fiery spirit wings granting them 30% additional weapon damage and 30% movement speed. Inflame is one of those abilities that can slay when you use it solo or when surrounded by your team but let’s be real, having five Champs all with additional 30% weapon damage is insane and unless you have terrible aim should allow you to melt enemy players.

I’ve played Furia for a fair while over the last week but am in no way an expert. Straight from the first match you play, she feels like an atypical Support, at least for me, but she is a whole lot of fun.

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