The Novel

The Novel Week Two: Character Building

All the characters roaming the endless cage of my mind have been clamouring to get out so I have begun physically putting pen to paper and developing character profiles. The cornerstone of every great story in my humble opinion are the characters themselves and the interrelationships between them.

The one problem I have encountered thus far is that I want to make all my characters badass or incredibly powerful/interesting but then the process of doing that will make none of them badass. It is going to be a stimulating challenge to develop and write characters who are intrinsic to the plot but not necessarily the most intriguing of individuals.

That being said I am exploring powerful issues in a couple of my main characters, revolving around mental illness and psychosis. Research has begun in this regard so I can do the issue, the characters and any real-world individuals who fight every single day, justice

The latest character I have been working on, who will remain nameless so far, will take on traits of my personality and my own struggles. I want him to be a beacon of hope and sadness at the same time and also a different take on a particular fantasy trope. I do not know where he will fit in plot-wise or even what my overarching plot is if I am totally honest. But work is moving along and soon it will be time to dive in and construct what I hope will be a masterpiece.

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