Warframe Is Taking It To The Next Level With The Fortuna Expansion And Railjacks

Hold on to your space-hats because Warframe is not pulling any punches with their Tennocon reveals. We will start small and build to the bigger stuff and there is quite a lot of bigger stuff.

Rhino:Nyx Prime

The Prime Vault is being cracked upon and blessing us with the return of Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime, both quite popular, with Rhino maybe nudging out just slightly ahead. With those two Primes, there will be an assortment of Prime weapons returning including the Boltor Prime (which I desperately need).

Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime will be available for purchase as a dual pack but also in their own individual packs. They will also be farmable for those who do not wish to part with their hard-earned cash.


Codename Garuda

Digital Extremes are also working on two brand new Warframes simultaneously, one of which was revealed on an earlier Devstream. Revenant, also known as Vlad, is an Eidolon-inspired Frame that uses dangerous Sentient energy to manipulate, afflict and control enemies.

The second Frame is known as Garuda, created and designed by talented Community artists Kevin Glint. Garuda (not the official name) has an ability set that revolves around gore, and Rebecca clearly said meat shields during the livestream so I am going to hold onto that. Comparisons were drawn between Garuda and Valkyr, namely due to the claws but apparently, the new Frame will be more indifferent than rage-filled.

Warframe Nintendo Switch

But what about that ever-requested Switch port? Well, it is well and truly on its way with an awesome collaboration between Digital Extremes and Panic Button, widely known as some of the best Switch developers on the planet. No official release date has been announced but it is coming and it is awesome. All we have to hope for is some form of crossplay, I really don’t want to have two separate accounts but I will if it comes to that.


Now let us get into the big stuff, starting with a brand new expansion that dwarfs even the Plains of Eidolon. Fortuna sends us to the debt internment colony of the Solaris, a race of body-modifying beings in-debt to the Corpus or more specifically, the branch of Corpus run by Nef Anyo.


Fortuna is the social hub of the next expansion, bringing new vendors, lovely mood lighting and bounties to complete. It is very similar to Cetus in that regard. What is not similar is the exterior, as a short elevator ride away is the frozen wasteland of Venus. This massive arena holds new gameplay mechanics, special types of missions and wondrous secrets.

But to the crux of the matter, what can you do in Fortuna?

Moa Pets

One of the newer systems is the ability to create custom Moa pets similar to how you can craft Zaws. There is even an option to add a little top hat and bow tie, you know to add some class to these proceedings. The parts you use to build your Moa pet will determine its stats and the mods that are available for use.

Fortuna Fish

There is a new vendor awaiting your patronage in Fortuna, by the name of The Business, whose goal is animal/creature conservation. You may purchase a special device known as an Echo Lure along with a Tranquiliser gun from Biz to complete conservation quests.

Echo Lure

How they work, is that you will stumble across signs of animal movement or habitation on the surface of Venus. The creatures that have returned to the icy wilderness are critically endangered and it is up to you and track and capture them. You do this through the use of the Echo Lure, a flute-like device designed to mimic the calls of the myriad creatures you will discover.

White Breasted Virmink

Once the tiny beastie has revealed itself it is up to you not to mess up the shot and to tranq it. Then it is a simple matter to tag the sleeping animal so it can be transported and conserved, which sounds really sinister.


Where would a Warframe open-world expansion be without our bounties? Definitely left out in the cold, that’s a joke you see. Anyways, the bounty vendor on Venus is Eudico, the leader of Solaris United, a union that attempts to fight for the workers of Fortuna.

Man In The Field

It operates in the same fashion as on Cetus with Konzo, accept a bounty, complete the bounty, be rewarded with special loot. But some bonus good news, once the forward base has been established out on the surface of Venus, which is one of the bounties, you can deal with Eudico’s man in the field and not have to return to Fortuna.

Fortuna Hoverboard

Because in case it hasn’t been made clear to you Tenno, Fortuna and Venus are big zones. So how will you get around? The answer is hoverboards called the K-Drive. My lack of caps may not convey to you how excited I am but it is big. The K-Drives allow Tenno to zoom across the frozen landscape in a flash, on top of landing sick jumps and doing a variety of skateboarding-related tricks. It will most likely be similar to the Archwing Launcher where we will need to collect certain components to build this awesome machine.

Unlike the Archwing Launcher, we will be able to unlock different versions of the K-Drive each with their own set of upgrades to truly customise your Back To The Future experience.

Giant Corpus Spider

We also have a new enemy type to contend with on Venus, known as the Corpus Spiders. These robotic arachnids come in numerous shapes and sizes, each with their own set of weaponry and abilities. The massive one you see above is the quintessential boss type, similar to the Eidolons, and we will need to cooperate to take this behemoth down.


Finally, Warframe is taking to the war to space in the truest fashion with the Railjacks, or more specifically the Sigma Series Railjack, a multi-crew Interceptor. The Railjack allows Tenno to engage in space dogfights in the truest fashion where each member of your crew is responsible for some part of the operation.

Railjack Weapons

Tenno are able to pilot the Railjack and utilise the forward-facing guns at the same time, and manage the two side turrets as well. All of these positions within the Railjack can be exited out of at any time to deal with changing threats or new scenarios.

Take, for instance, any boarding Corpus that may invade your Railjack attempting to dismantle it from within. You can leave the ship in the capable hands of a few Tenno to eradicate the invaders and put out any fires they leave in their wake.

Railjack Co-op

Once, you get close enough to the enemy ship, a few Tenno can don their Archwings and zoom into it for the express purpose of lowering shield generators and essentially crippling it from the inside. This is a two-pronged approach and really relies on cooperation and teamwork as the Tenno inside the ship may encounter barriers such as energy shields impeding their progress.


This is where the Command Module on the bridge comes in handy. Tactical allows you to view the enemy ships, your allies and where they may be within the ship. This, in turn, allows you to disable the shields, hijack any defences and just make it easier for your allies.

Systems, on the other hand, allows you to customise how you want your Railjack to behave throughout the course of the battle. You have three systems to worry about, Shields, Weapons and Engines, affecting defence, damage and speed respectively. At any time, these systems can be altered to maintain a balance of two/three systems or give all the power to one. It really puts the control of the battle into your hands.

Full Power To Weapons

Putting all the power to your weapons, for example, can be effective in delivering a fatal shot from what appears to be a large-scale railgun. The livestream showed off this moment after the Tenno inside the ship successfully knocked out the shield generators that protected the core. Transitioning all the ships power to the weapons enabled the Railjack to deliver a single destructive shot to the Capitol ship.

One of the cooler things is that immediately after that devastating shot, the interior of the Capitol ship begins to explode as the Frames within undertake a mad dash to escape back to the safety of space and the Railjack.

The Railjacks will arrive in a later update after the launch of Fortuna and the hype couldn’t be higher. With the lacklustre reception to Archwings, Railjacks seems the next step to making space a conquerable and action-packed sphere.

Railjack View

Tennocon 2018 was a massive success and for the most part, these are the biggest Warframe reveals. We are so blessed as gamers to have passionate and talented developers like Digital Extremes doing what they do best.

I am proud to say I belong to the Warframe community. And incredibly excited based on these reveals.

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