Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins Q&A Teased New Uses For Gold, Upcoming Skins And Koga, The New Champ

It is always nice to see developers get down and dirty with community questions and that is exactly what Hi-Rez Studios did with their latest Q&A. Despite not getting through as many questions as they hoped, Hi-Rez’s Chris, Alyssa and Garrett got through some core issues and teased a little about what players can expect in the future of the game.

Moji #2

One of the questions addressed was whether Moji and her Familiar would be getting any awesome skins any time soon. Well, good news for Moji fans as Patch 1.4 will have an epic new skin for our Leipori mage, and expectations are high due to it being her very first badass cosmetic.

Mal'Damba Skin Teaser

While on the topic of skins, we were also gifted with this teaser for a new Mal’Damba cosmetic coming in 1.3. It appears to follow the ninja theme which would make a lot of sense with the release of the new Champ not too far away. But who knows?

Now, as for all that pesky gold that must be piling up by now, in 1.3, which is the next patch two new gold sinks will be added to the game. The first is a series of language-specific Announcer Packs, including; Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German. These will be available for purchase with gold and solely for gold. It also may be good to start learning a bit of the language.

Secondly, we will be able to take multiple Sprays and Emotes into a given match and purchase additional slots with gold. Basically, we can purchase the ability to take more cool cosmetics into a game to allow us to communicate our taunts more effectively.

A new TDM map is coming to the Realm, set in the Abyss, which should look quite familiar to anyone who has played the Rise Of Furia event. This incoming map is unique in the fact that it brings new gameplay elements to the table, specifically jump pads and an Ult buff.

Paladins Abyss Map #5

These were features that were introduced during Rise Of Furia but never before has an individual, non-event map had its own set of gameplay mechanics. In terms of the Ultimate buff, collecting that glowing bad boy in the picture above will generate a full Ultimate charge for the Champ who happens to pick it up. Incredibly valuable and worth skirmishing over.

In a similar vein, the TDM map that rests atop the spire in the Rise Of Furia game mode will become available for custom matches. However, it won’t be added to the main queues.

Koga Training

In the Q&A, Hi-Rez briefly mentioned the new Champ, not by name or by abilities. In fact, they very purposely strayed away from any concrete details, for obvious reasons but let us talk about what we do know.

Koga Burning

The new Champion that is coming to the Realm is known as Koga and was a member of The Thousand Hands gang, the very same one that is headed and controlled by Zhin. Koga has a lot of hostility towards The Thousand Hands and Zhin himself due to being betrayed by both the former and latter, which has led him on a destructive path of revenge and aggressive situps.

In a Tweet from the official Paladins Twitter, it is mentioned that Koga was betrayed by The Thousand Hands and that Zhin has a familial relationship with the new Champ. If we want to go down the literal route, the best bet would be that Koga is Zhin’s younger brother. It could be entirely possible that Koga was just so close to Zhin that he became family.

Koga Murder

Koga will most likely be a new Flank or Damage Champ with what appears to be metal claws, there may be a new melee character on the horizon. Having an ultra-agile, high-damage Champ will definitely throw a wrench into the current state of the game and it will be delightful.

The 1.3 Update Showcase is only a few days away and we will be able to uncover the truths about Koga. Hopefully, there is an event revolving around The Thousand Hands coming to Paladins soon.


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