Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Forsaken Twists Western Archetypes In A Grounded Darker Story

A truly great story has to have some form of loss, some emotional trauma that rocks the characters and the readers/players/watchers to their core. Destiny 2 and even Destiny 1 have been games where Guardians triumph every single time. The lore tells us of the tragedies suffered by survivors of the Collapse and Guardians caught in terrible situations but that never really affects us.

Forsaken begins with the death of Cayde-6 at the hands of the returned Prince Uldren that serves as the catalyst for what has been described by Bungie as a revenge story. The betrayal comes at the hands of someone we thought an ally, not some unknowable beast from a far-off system. This particular evil is Awoken so bears a striking similarity to many Guardians, which serves to ground the stakes.

Being the catalyst for the expansion, Forsaken will show the effects of Cayde’s demise and how each character battles with their own internal conflicts during the aftermath. It is hard to win a battle against yourself. These conflicts are emulated in your Guardian while navigating the lawless frontier of The Tangled Shore.

The Tangled Shore is a place where good and bad intersect which becomes a theme of the expansion, a moral grey area where the actions of the Guardians becomes blurred in their quest for retribution. The focal point is, of course, Uldren himself but he has surrounded himself with eight powerful Barons which we will need to eliminate one at a time.


Bungie has stated that these Barons have been influenced by a twisted version of the wild west. The mad grenade throwing Baron tossing ricochetting explosives is derived from the dynamite-strapped bandito, the Rider Baron wheeling around on the powerful Pike is a horse-mounted outlaw. We know there is also going to be a sniper Baron, staying at range drawing Guardians into pitched rifle battles.

Forsaken will force players to step into the darkness a little bit, catalysed by the loss of one of the warriors of Light. It adds a lot of depth to the story, a richness that stirs emotions and gives players a real drive to hunt down these Barons and Uldren in this lawless environment.

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