Paladins: Champions of the Realm

A Deeper Look At Koga With Paladins Lore Trailer Hinting At New Event

A new Paladins lore trailer has been released detailing how Koga was betrayed by The Thousand Hands crime guild and his former master, Zhin. Aptly titled, Koga’s Revenge, this trailer leans towards a new event arriving in 1.3

There have been two other events in Paladins so far, Siege Of Ascension Peak and Rise Of Furia, both of which were heralded by new Champions, being Khan and Furia respectively. With the fact that a big part of Koga’s origin and personality relates to his revenge goals, it would make sense to have him enter the Realm in such an aggressive fashion.

Koga SMG

The trailer itself is quite short but we do see some decisive things that will enter the Realm, gameplay-wise. First off, Koga utilises twin SMGS while in combat, but also has a pair of wicked metal claws that he utilises to shred his foes. There has been some discussion about whether or not the claws are his Ultimate, similar to how Makoa goes all melee with his anchor.

A popular theory and one that hopefully is true is that Koga can switch between his twin SMGS and his twin claws much like how Strix does with his sniper and sidearm. If that is true, it will be the first time Paladins has a Champ that can embody both melee and ranged weaponry. There was also an instance within the trailer where we witness Koga scaling a wall, which could possibly translate to some form of wall-scaling ability, or at least some form of vertical mobility.

Skye Rework

The final few moments of the trailer revealed out first look at the incoming Skye rework, which has been known about for quite a while. Lore-wise Skye is a contract assassin who fights for the highest bidder and it is not that big of a stretch to imagine she had been hired by The Thousand Hands guild.

It is also confirmed that the second Battle Pass will be going live with the arrival of update 1.3. It appears that much like Neon Demon Grohk was the highlight of Battle Pass one, an incredibly badass Makoa skin is going to the feature with two.

The 1.3 Update Showcase will be going live tomorrow, so stay tuned for all the ninja-shaped details.

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