Sea Of Thieves Brings Blighted Mermaid Statues In Sunken Curse Adventure

Curses have historically been an important part of pirate stories everywhere, even Blackbeard was known to be accursed, sent from hell, which was entirely by design. And so is the latest Bilge Rat adventure, Sunken Curse which sends pirates to scour the bottoms of the ocean.

Sunken Curse tasks pirates to hunt down afflicted mermaid statues and destroy them, each statue having a different type of curse and depending on the crystal colour, require more or less damage to destroy. But don’t fret, as the maximum amount of pirates needed to annihilate the strongest statue is four, so crew up on a Galleon and hunt them down.

The mermaid statues will also deal damage to pirates when they get too close, which is the effects of the affliction. On top of this, if you don’t destroy the statues quick enough, they will regenerate health.

Sea Of Thieves Skulls

Mermaid statues can be found in underwater reefs and the shallows off islands but while you are free-diving you may be lucky enough to find special artefacts, treasure chests and skulls buried in the sand.

Wailing Barnacle Set

Destroying the mermaid statues on behalf of the Bilge Rats will allow you to earn up to 100 Doubloons to spend on the new Wailing Barnacle set. There will also be a special Wailing Barnacle tattoo set that can simply be purchased from the clothing shop at outposts for gold.

Completing the Bilge Rat Commendations will also allow you to earn three new Titles which can be equipped from the Vanity Chest, as well as the Legendary Title, Legendary Curse Breaker for completing the Legendary Commendation.

On that same vein, all Legendary Commendations will be provided with a special Title to show off that achievement, such as Legendary Skeleton Exploder. This will be awarded retroactively to anyone who had completed the Legendary Gunpowder Skeleton Commendation but will be earnable to anyone who completes it going forward.

Sunken Curse is live now and will be available in Sea of Thieves until the 25th of July, so get out there and hunt down some deadly mermaid statues!



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