Paladins 1.3 Brings Battle Pass 2, Abyss Map And Koga, The Lost Hand To The Realm

From cosmetics, gameplay updates, bug fixes, and a new Champ, 1.3 is bringing a lot of top quality content to the Realm in a big way.

With the arrival of update 1.3, the very first Battle Pass will be fading away never to be seen again. But don’t worry because we are getting the second one with a decisive theme revolving around Ninjas due to the release of Koga. One of the standing points with Battle Pass two is that there are more levels, more content to earn, it is longer in duration and it takes 25% less time to complete.

Challenges have been tuned to more specifically reflect the Champions of the Realm. Whether it is to eliminate three enemies with Through Time and Space or to kill a certain number of enemies with your cannon after pulling them in with Dredge Anchor, players may have to vary their playstyles and try new things.

Crimson SerpentCrimson Serpent In Game

Just as a quick recap, the Battle Pass has two different tracks, a free track which is available for everyone, and a paid track which costs 600 Crystals, or is purchased as part of the Season Pass. Players who pay for the Battle Pass will get the paid reward track, the free reward track and an instant unlock, which happens to be a DRAGON MOUNT known as the Crimson Serpent.

In terms of instant unlocks, players will also receive the Shogunate animated Loading Frame, Oni Mask Avatar and a 50% boost for the duration of the Battle Pass which bolsters gold, account experience, champion experience and Battle Pass experience.

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Level 20 of the Battle Pass unlocks one of the most badass and scary looking Makoa skins that has entered the Realm known as Akuma Makoa. Akuma Makoa was created with the overtone of knowing that if he was a Ninja he wouldn’t be a stealthy one. This is a Makoa that bellows its challenge and waits for opponents to annihilate.

Level 20 of the Battle Pass also gifts you with the Crystalise 3D Spray which is the first of its kind. Basically, the Spray is a simple dark blue Paladins Crystal but it manifests above your Champion’s head in a 3D burst. While on the topic of Sprays, the cooldown has now been reduced from five seconds to one so go nuts.

Dragonfire Animated Spray

Level 30 gifts you with the Dragonfire Animated Spray. It basically looks exactly the same as the above image but the fire in the eyes and mouth moves, twists and does all sorts of firey stuff.

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Level 40 summons forth Dragoncaller Cassie and yes that blue wyvern right there is Ziggs. This is going to be the main Cassie skin for so many players, I can see it right now. What was truly upsetting is that Thunderbrush hinted/joked that Ziggs has not been transformed but eaten by the tiny blue dragon.


Level 50 unlocks the Ruby Stinger Deathstamp which leaves a crystalised scorpion on the spot where you eliminated an enemy Champion.

New Avatars

Moving on up to Level 60, players will unlock the Shadowblade animated Avatar, which showcases spinning blades. You may also notice the four other Avatars in the above image which are also coming with the arrival of 1.3. Cutesy Zhin and the animated Goodnight are two of the four winners of the Community Avatar contest with these two being available through the free path of the Battle Pass, along with The Lost Hand.

Fernando Surf Emote

Level 70 will unlock the Legendary Surf Roaming Emote for Fernando, which changes depending on what shield you have equipped. Speaking of Emotes, there is a brand new Legendary looping Emote for the leader of The Thousand Hands.

Sulk Zhin Emote

Angsty leaning up against his sword is the cornerstone of the Sulk Emote which can be unlocked through the free path of the Battle Pass. Being a looping Emote you can activate it and simply stand there indefinitely if you so wish. Perfect if you are having a really bad game.

Cosmetic Wheel

The incoming cosmetics are quite important in 1.3 with the arrival of the Cosmetic Wheel, which allows players to take in up to four Sprays and four Emotes into a game. Each player will start with one of each and can purchase subsequent slots for gold. They will be unlocked for 50,000, 100,000 and 150,000 gold respectively.

The top section will initiate your weapon inspect while the bottom section is a new feature known as Mount In Spawn Room, allowing you to mount up on your chosen steed at any time while you await the beginning of the match.

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The top tier reward for Battle Pass two is Shadowlord Mal’Damba. A far cry from the jovial insanity of his Scarecrow skin, Shadowlord is a very serious and deadly assassin. It is actually quite intimidating. And he has blades for days, I mean look at his snake, there is a blade on its nose. This is someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley…or even a well-lit alley.

But that really only scratches the surface of the upcoming rewards as the free path is much more worthwhile this go around. You won’t be disappointed whichever way you decide to go.

There are two new maps coming with 1.3, Abyss and Throne. Abyss is a custom-built Team Deathmatch map set in the darkly-aesthetic arena of the Abyss, equipped with Jumppads and a special mechanic that completely fills your Champions Ultimate charge. Throne, on the other hand, is the top of the Rise Of Furia spire and will only be available as a custom map, due to it being too small to effectively function in the normal rotation.

Koga, The Lost Hand Is Here


Koga a former warrior of The Thousand Hands and Zhin’s old apprentice has found his way into the Realm to carve a path as the newest Flank. What is unique about Koga is that he can utilise two different types of primary weapon depending on his stance. Koga, prima facie appears to be incredibly overpowered but he brings a high level of finesse to the Realm that will reward skilled players and terrify less skilled players.

Koga has a passive wall-climbing ability that allows him to go to any vertical surface and simply hold down the jump button to start climbing. This allows him to get the drop on enemy Champs in the ultimate Flanker fashion. What is unique about Koga is that he has absolutely zero cooldowns, instead utilising a regenerating resource known as Energy.


Koga’s main form of weaponry are dual SMGs that deal 40 damage every 0.06 seconds which is some pretty high dps, on top of greater accuracy than you’d expect for dual wield weaponry.


In terms of mobility, Koga is an incredibly mobile Champ, and that comes through quite prominently with Shadowstep, a forward dash, where he slips into the shadows and becomes untargetable for the duration, which is around a second. This ability consumes one bar of energy and can be used successively, so you can utilise it multiple times on the ground or in the air to gain on an enemy Champ or to evade.

Agility allows Koga to run 50% faster and jump higher for a total of four seconds. This consumes one bar of Energy and it is important to remember that enemies can still hit you fairly easily while Agility is active so read the field.

Hellkite Claws

Dragonstance unlocks a secondary set of abilities for Koga. Consuming one bar of Energy to activate, Dragonstance brings out Koga’s Hellkite claws, allowing him to launch bursts of fire dealing 600 damage every 0.55 seconds. What is different about Dragonstance is that it constantly consumes Energy while it is active.

Dragonstance also changes the alternate fire from Shadowstep to Skewer. Skewer is a long-distance forward dash that slices everything in your path with your Hellkite Claws for 600 damage. This ability will consume every bit of Energy you have remaining so use it wisely.

Cyclone Strike

Koga’s Ultimate, known as Cyclone Strike is a massive area of effect attack that deals 3000 damage over its duration. Koga melts into the shadows and becomes untargetable for a couple seconds while he charges up the ability. He then unleashes a massive set of spinning and slicing attacks that deals 1500 damage per second for two seconds. This damage is done on every and all Champions within a 25 foot radius which is going to be deadly for point contention and control.

1.3 is going to be a jam-packed patch with so much content to earn and collect. Koga is active in the PTS right now and will definitely bring a new meta and style to the Realm and we should all be nervous yet excited. 1.3 will arrive on July 18th for PC players and July 25th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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