Skeletons Are Waterborne With Sea Of Thieves Cursed Sails Teaser Trailer

The very first trailer for the second Sea of Thieves expansion, Cursed Sails, has officially reached us landlubbers bringing with it the foreboding (and awesome) prospect of Skeleton-captained ships.

No longer will sails on the horizon solely be a sign of living, breathing pirates, instead it may herald the arrival of the undead. The new Skeleton ships will bellow their challenge to pirates young and old around outposts daring the brave or the foolish to venture out on the tides.

It appears that at least some of the Skeleton ships will be able to move about underwater in a very Davy Jones-esque fashion emerging spectacularly when pirates least expect it.

Cursed Sails brings with it a time-limited campaign beginning July 31st but the Skeleton threat will remain a permanent addition to the Sea of Thieves much like the Megalodons and assorted Bilge Rat adventure items.

That isn’t all as Cursed Sails adds a third ship type known as the Brigantine specifically designed for a three player crew, adding a bit more variety and flexibility in gameplay. Speaking of flexbility an Alliance system will be added as an in-game feature to form groups/teams of like-minded pirates to tackle some of the greater challenges on the seas and to split the loot. It will definitely make Skeleton Forts a little less stressful!

Cursed Sails

The Skeleton crews are manning their stations and unfurling their sails as we speak fellow pirates, they are on their way. July 31st they will be unleashed onto the Sea of Thieves, are you ready to face the Skeleton threat?

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