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Bungie Has Showcased Forsaken Weapons And Armour For Destiny 2

If you stretch your memory back about a month ago, you may remember that Bungie released the Exotic update that made our most unique weapons a lot more badass. It is encouraging to see that they plan to continue that trend with a short video showing off an amalgam of brand new and incredibly badass Exotics. And when I say Exotic, I mean Exotic.

A rule of poker and I assume also game development is that you never reveal all your cards until the time is right so it is fair to assume that there are more Exotics to discover, most likely through secret quests.

Cerberus +1

These are not the first Exotics to be shown off, as Cerberus +1 was debuted by Gameinformer a few weeks ago. Not relying on fancy designs or crazy tech, the Cerberus +1 literally straps four different gun barrels to one and leaves it at that. This Exotic fires from all four barrels simultaneously with one trigger pull so you will have a constant rain of auto rifle fire. Due to the rotating nature of fire, the Cerberus +1 isn’t really a gun you can accurately aim, close enough is good enough.

Antaeus Wards

The Antaeus Wards are one of the new Titan Exotics coming with Forsaken which allows for the reflection of any and all projectiles that are fired. Simply sliding towards the projectiles will prompt a shield around your Guardian that can reflect bullets.

Antaeus Wards Reflect

Oh, and it can also reflect rockets.

The Sixth Coyote

The Sixth Coyote, after the Legendary Hunter band provides Hunters with an additional Dodge charge, which is an incredibly useful gameplay mechanic. Get up close and personal and unleash hell.

Chromatic Fire

Warlocks get the Chromatic Fire which adds innate Firefly to every single Kinetic weapon. Scoring a precision kill whilst wearing the Chromatic Fire will trigger an elemental damage explosion regardless of what type of Kinetic you are using.

Black Talon

Aside from having enough intricate beauty to make a Babylonian Prince envious, the Black Talon has a distinctive un-swordlike quality. It can throw elemental arcs of energy.

Black Talon Projectile

The Black Talon is capable of launching a ranged attack of considerable distance and destructive power. Whether or not the projectile ability requires a few close-range kills is yet to be seen but either way this is exciting.

Two-Tailed Fox

Destiny 1 had players in the Crucible fighting over heavy ammo, and Destiny 2 has power ammo everywhichwhere but those purple bricks are going to be a lot more valuable with the Two-Tailed Fox. Able to launch two rockets at the exact same time, I am hyped but have to ask, is it overkill?


One of two Exotic bows to be showcased in the new trailer, the Wish-Ender is all about stalking your prey and releasing a deadly shot at just the right moment.

Wish-Ender Wall Sight

When aiming down sights, the Wish-Ender enables Guardians to see through walls, which is incredible and for the sure-eyed player a lethal tool. The Wish-Ender can also pierce targets with arrows, meaning you can kill multiple Guardians with a single arrow, if they happen to line up.


Malfeasance, which by the way means wrongdoing, is a gorgeous hand cannon that detonates an explosion when a single target is hit with five bullets. Just to add that little bit of extra oomph.

Trinity Ghoul

Trinity Ghoul is Exotic bow number two and while the Wish-Ender is for the silent watchers, the Ghoul wants to be seen, heard, talked about and photographed.

Trinity Ghoul Electrical Storm

Scoring a precision kill with the Trinity Ghoul unleashes an electrical storm of behind the target, obliterating any poor souls unlucky enough to be standing there. This is an area of effect dream/nightmare. It is a matter of perspective really.

One Thousand Voices

One Thousand Voices is an angry looking Trace Rifle, with a twist. While aiming it at a target, or targets they will take damage like if they were hit with any other weapon.

One Thousand Voices Explosion

However, unleashing a spray of fiery napalm onto the ground prompts a fiery explosion that can chain with other explosive containers surrounding the site. Do what you will with that information.

Ace Of Spades

Finally, in a heart-breaking twist the Ace Of Spades, the personal gun of Cayde-6 and the weapon that was used to kill him is also making an appearance in Forsaken, consequently its second playable appearance in Destiny. 

Reloading after a kill grants increased damage bullets and hopefully this additional damage is increased or decreased depending on how many bullets you have in the mag prior to reloading.

House Of Wolves Armour

The Ace Of Spades isn’t the only familiar thing returning with Forsaken as the end of the trailer provides a glimpse at an armour set that arrived during the House of Wolves expansion. Fingers crossed Bungie decides to bring back the Lord Of Wolves Exotic shotgun.

Forsaken is only a few short months away and each day brings more information to light about the game changing new expansion. Just remember that with everything they do reveal about Forsaken it is promised that there is a massive amount more for Guardians to discover.

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