What Makes Warframe So Special?

Warframe is a third-person shooter that puts players in the midst of a galaxy in turmoil, chock full of constant conflict and hidden mysteries. It also allows the player to embody the fantasy of becoming, in every way possible, a Space Ninja, or in my current case a Space-Ninja-Butterfly.

With 40 million registered players across PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and soon Nintendo Switch, it is not hard to see that there is something captivating about Warframe. Why do players like myself sit there for hours upon hours carving through enemies, parkouring across the map and collecting materials to build more powerful Frames and weapons?


There is something incredibly elegant about the Warframe movement system and how optimally you can fly across the sometimes intricate sections with ease and at ridiculous speeds. Warframe is a title that gives you all the mobility you could ask for, with rolling, sprinting, wall jumping and of course the ever popular bullet jump. There is immense synergy with mobility and every other gameplay mechanic in Warframe that allows for a marvellous flow, only getting better with experience and skill.

Who doesn’t want to bullet jump straight into a horde of enemies, slash them apart and be dashing/sliding/leaping away within seconds? Everyone, that’s who. It is a rewarding experience that remains mostly the same even as you experiment with different strategies and Frames. Some are lighter and faster, some are heavier and slower, Titania can bullet jump higher while Volt can imbue everyone with incredible speed. Warframe gives you all the tools you need to carve your way across the galaxy,

Combined with a host of upgradeable mod augmentations, you can truly make the world of Warframe your own in the best way possible.

Mirage Prime

With a spree of 35 base Warframes to choose from as well as their cooler looking Prime variants, Warframe literally has something for everyone, no matter your playstyle, your predispositions or gaming ambitions. Mesa lets you live out a western gunslinging fantasy by mowing down everyone with twin revolvers, Trinity is the ultimate Support Frame keeping everyone stocked up on Energy and Health and Nidus brings his mastery of infestation to bear with parasitic abilities. There is literally something for everyone, and they just keep on coming. Garuda and Revenant are being created even as we speak. The only downside to this is that not every Frame is available from the get-go.

That is because fundamentally Warframe is a game about grinding. Grinding to find parts, grinding to find materials to build those parts and grinding for rep. Everything in Warframe can be earned by simply playing the game and is entirely free if you wish to put the time in. Sure you can spend a little real-world money and speed up the process or get something you really want right then and there but otherwise, it is only a matter of time until you earn it.

Think about that for a second, everything that affects gameplay and I am talking weapons, Frames, Companions etc can be earned through regular gameplay. Even the cosmetics which are purchased with Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency can be bought without spending a cent. This is because of the in-game trading system which allows players to swap Prime Parts (different versions of the standard) for other Prime Parts or Platinum. You won’t even have to actively seek out Prime Parts to sell, an excess of coveted blueprints will build up in your inventory the longer you play.

It wouldn’t be one of my favourite games without incredibly intriguing lore behind it, that is only made better by the fact that a little bit more is dished out with each new quest. Warframe has recently opened up The Sacrifice and The New War is rapidly approaching, promising greater glimpses into the Sentients, Orokin and the Tenno themselves. Not to mention that many of the quests within Warframe open up new avenues to acquiring Frames and/or provides you with their parts as rewards.

One of the biggest things that set Warframe apart is the fact that this gorgeous, action-packed universe is constantly getting bigger with substantial updates to the game. Warframe is already massive hiding an incredible amount to do under its sci-fi exterior but the lovely people over at Digital Extremes just keep adding more.

Fortuna Hoverboard

Tennocon 2018 recently happened and the upcoming Fortuna expansion was shown off in all its icy glory. Animal tracking, Hoverboards, Corpus Spider mechs, new quests/bounties and a massive open zone will be coming to Warframe, like all updates, for free. And shortly after that, we will get access to the Railjacks, giant space-faring vessels with which we can engage in true space combat. It is not hard to see why Warframe is so popular and only growing with each day.

Not to mention all the special events that bring time-limited and valuable loot, like Ghoul Incursions on Cetus, Gifts Of The Lotus, Fomorian attacks which have the capability of destroying one of the social hubs in the game or the current Proxy Rebellion Tactical Alert. You’ll never run out of things to do.


But while you are out demolishing Grineer and carving up Corpus you better look damn good doing it which is why Fashion Frame is a thing and a very popular thing at that. Customisation is rampant in Warframe, with Colour palettes, Syandanas, armour pieces, Glyphs, new Helmets, whatever you want. Just to make sure that your Warframe stands out among the pack.

Warframe isn’t a perfect game, it has a steep learning curve with a lot of complex mechanics, can feel a little monotonous at times and if you aren’t a fan of it, the grinding can well, grind on you. But there is a captivating specialness about Warframe only made better by the passion that the talented people over at Digital Extremes show every day and through every carefully constructed update. If you haven’t tried it you are missing out because as a community, we all lift together.



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