Ascend To Godhood In The Nordic World Of Rend

Have you ever wondered what happens after Ragnarok decimates the Nine Realms of Nordic mythology? The new team-based survival game of Rend has you covered, if you are warrior enough that is.

Set in the brutal, decimated remains of what was Midgard complete with the halls of Valhalla resting broken and battered in the sky players must battle against ruthless monsters and unrelenting rivals to prove themselves worthy. For you see, Ragnarok has come and gone leaving many of the well-known gods dead. Thor, Loki, Odin, Heimdall, and countless others have been conquered and defeated. The remaining ones have banded together to create an army of true warriors to restore their former glory.

You’ll be placed in one of three factions, the Order, the Revenant or the Conclave and you will band together to build an unbreachable stronghold that can weather even the strongest of disasters. Collecting resources and discovering valuable artefacts to strengthen your faction will be a core precept of this Nordic adventure. Because only one faction can ascend to godhood.

Rend Base.png

You will begin your Nordic adventure weak, alone, not worthy of godhood but can fight your way to the top by picking two of four warrior specialisations; Assassin, Soldier, Mystic and Survivalist to truly customise your experience. Your warrior will then venture out to the large variety of biomes in Rend each with their own unique resources and foes to defeat to collect raw resources and warrior spirits.

Rend Warrior

These warrior spirits are deposited at the Divinity Stone in the middle of your faction’s base and essentially serves as a point tally each Cycle (one to two months). The goal at the end of the Cycle, which culminates in a massive faction war is to have more warrior spirits than every other faction to be able to ascend.

Rend Reckoning

But beware, for every few days a special event known as the Reckoning will occur, lowering your stronghold shields and sending waves of dishonored, soulless husks known as the Lost to steal the souls in your Divinity Stone. Your faction must fight and beat the Lost back but the lowered shields also presents a tantalising opportunity for rival factions to steal your spirits as well. During the Reckoning, the watching gods may send down relics of the old gods to sow strife and reveal the true heroes of Rend. Items like the Hammer of Thor, Steed of Odin, Horns of Loki will serve as turning points for the battle.


Trust no one and let the true warriors rise. Rend will enter steam early access on July 31st. See you in Midgard.


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