Destiny 2

I Don’t Know What To Think About Destiny 2’s Forsaken

Forsaken is well on its way and many people, myself included, have been aboard the hype train, getting excited about all the hidden secrets, new gear to earn and new activities coming to Destiny 2. But while I am exuberated, for the first time in the history of Destiny I am conflicted about the coming expansion.

Destiny 1 saw a couple of mediocre DLCs and I say that as someone who absolutely adored the charm of the game, especially when House of Wolves dropped. This was followed by The Taken King which completely revitalised the game and breathed life back into it. It was a turning point in every way and players, such as myself, couldn’t have been happier.

Fast-forward to now and the cycle has begun anew. Destiny 2 has had two lacklustre expansions with barely any new content and I refuse to call what we were given an intriguing story, if it could be called a story at all. It was disappointing, to say the least. Now, Forsaken is approaching and it is going to be a big expansion without a doubt, similar to The Taken King but I have an indescribable feeling of unease. Not only because Bungie has done this before, but because it honestly appears that they have learned nothing from the mistakes of the past.

The biggest cause of concern for me is that despite all the let downs in the history of the Destiny franchise, they are sitting pretty with a $40 price tag for Forsaken and asking us to trust them that it will be better. If I am honest, based on what I have seen, read and analysed Forsaken will most likely be an amazing expansion, what we have needed from the beginning. However, I do not think it is worth a $40 price tag especially after how we as players have been treated.

Recycled content, re-skinned weapons, Eververse having more interesting and coveted items than the actual game does, have all left a sour taste in players mouths. Yet Bungie has promised us an amazing expansion with content that will keep on coming after launch. But for anyone who wants to experience this apparent turning point for Destiny 2, they will also need to own the Curse of Osiris, and Warmind DLCs further piling on the cost.

Destiny 2 Annual Pass.png

Then we have the Annual Pass for Destiny 2, with vague promises of new content, end game loot and new activities tempting players to pay extra for it. I will give Bungie the benefit of the doubt on that, maybe there has been a bit of learning and adapting going on in response to the backlash to Destiny 2 and the not-so-good reviews. But this cycle cannot continue. Imagine when Destiny 3 rolls out and we are still getting two bad DLCs and to one good one, all with high price tags.

There is an air of distrust and betrayal surrounding Destiny 2 that gets lost when a new trailer drops with clever editing and amazing effects. Like I’ve mentioned above I believe Forsaken will be a remarkable point for Destiny 2 and I profoundly believe that it will be worth playing but I will be playing with a handful of cynicism.

There is a wonderful and hard-working team over at Bungie and my distrust isn’t targeted at them individually. But this sequence has run once before and we all need to take a step back away from the shiny visual effects and lovely environments and really analyse what we are getting. This is something that I have been contemplating ever since Destiny 2 released that has only grown stronger with each passing unfulfilling expansion.

I want to be able to take Bungie at their word and while I do believe, like I have mentioned many times before, that Forsaken will be wonderful, there is a lot of lost trust so I just don’t know.


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