Sea Of Thieves

Heed The Challenge: Cursed Sails Is Now Live In Sea Of Thieves

The second free expansion for Sea of Thieves, Cursed Sails, has risen in the night challenging all pirates to meet the reclaimed skeletons out on the open seas. Cursed Sails, due to having a longer development cycle has a more in-depth, time-limited campaign where not only do pirates have to contend with the skeleton ships but also missing merchants. On that same vein, my copy of Sea of Thieves has been mysteriously missing for the last couple months and won’t turn up no matter how hard I look.

Bonecrusher Set.png

But I digress. Cursed Sails will allow pirates to complete their epic Bone Crusher sets with skeleton themed equipment and tools alongside the not-as-cool-but-still-cool Hunter set. The Bone Crusher equipment, much like the special campaign is time-limited and will eventually disappear. AI Skeleton Ships will remain in the game, much like the Megalodons after Hungering Deep.

Each of Sea of Thieves‘ three regions, Shores of Plenty, The Wilds and The Ancient Isles will have a distinct armada of Skeleton-controlled ships, who will act much as other players do. They will fire cannonballs and other weapons at you, they will repair their ships, steer and all sorts of other pirateish things.

The only difference is that they will have special cursed cannonballs which can cause fun little effects like intoxicating your crew or dealing additional damage to your ship. Never fear, as defeating the Skeleton crews can allow you to add some cursed cannonballs to your own inventory. Use them on other skellies or rain carnage down on other pirates.

Brigantine Sea Of Thieves

Rare has also added a third ship type, the Brigantine which is designed for three-player crews. It sits in the perfect middle ground not being as manoeuvrable as the Sloop but being agiler than the Galleon. Being in the middle-ground also means that it will fill up with water reasonably fast if too much damage is taken.

You may also have noticed the Skeleton-themed sails and figureheads on the ships. Each Region will have a unique set of sails to earn and equip on your ship as well as limited but awesome skeleton ship accessories to unlock.

It is time to fight the curse head-on. Cursed Sails is live and the Skeletons are waiting for you out on the water. Give them true hell.

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