Warframe’s Corpus Faction Is Getting A Little Bit Of A Makeover

In a tiny little Twitter teaser, Warframe game director and flute master Steve Sinclair showed off a Corpus environmental facelift. The 30-second clip really shows that money can’t buy everything or even properly functional staircases.

Appearing to be set on a Gas City tile on Jupiter the clip shows off some of the decaying metallic structures and broken pieces presenting incredible opportunities for some serious and awesome parkour. With a whole galaxy to capitalistically exploit it is easy to understand how the Corpus may have left some facilities a bit worse for wear.

The Earth tileset got a similar treatment with a remaster a fair while back making the planet feel more vibrant and alive, and since Earth is a Grineer occupied area it is only fair that the Corpus get some love too.

With Warframe’s Devstream #114 approaching players may get more a glimpse at the changes coming to the industrialised Corpus zones. Fingers crossed.

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