Games With Collectible Items And Cosmetics Will Be The Death Of Me

This particular post serves no real purpose other than to explain the tragic love I have of buying in-game cosmetics. I am a game developers dream because if I resonate with a game and truly find it captivating I will spend money on all the cosmetics just to make myself look and feel great. There is a little part of me, aside from the part that loves RPGS and the like, that really wants to get into WoW simply to collect all the possible mounts.

This is not going to be a complaint post saying that in-game purchases are bad, which they’re not if they are reasonably priced and simply cosmetic, but developers have to put in the work to make them awesome. Most of my favourite games end up having attainable cosmetics in them and the more fantastical the better.

Robo Force Ruckus

Ruckus Pixel

Take Paladins , for example, I have collected most of the cosmetic items in the game since it first entered closed beta on consoles. Hi-Rez throws in so many memes, amazing designs and pop culture references into the skins that they are simply too irresistible to pass up. The Lightning Orc, Grohk has recently received his Neon Demon skin that was a final reward for the first battle pass, and it looks remarkable with rainbow prism effects and a sci-fi vibe. What makes it all the better is that he throws pop culture into the mix, like “We will Grohk you” and “Insane in the Brain”, which I find hilarious and marvellous.

Having cool cosmetics also seems to attract me towards characters that I haven’t particularly played or had any desire to play. Paladins is a prime example of this (I play a lot of this game in case you haven’t realised), with Ruckus, a goblin piloting a requisitioned mech suit. His character didn’t really interest me that much until I got his Robo Force skin, which made me feel like I had travelled back in time. Because, with Paladins cosmetics it isn’t just the Champ that gets changed, the sounds, visuals and most of the time personalities, change.

Shayne and Aurox.jpg

The same could be said for Battleborn a delightful Gearbox game that many people didn’t give enough of a chance. I am a sucker for cartoony animation and while the characters were already quirky enough, turning the imprisoned Djinn and incredibly sarcastic teenage girl into a clown and balloon demon combo was too much to resist.


Ditto for the clockwork skin of my favourite sociopathic robotic German sniper.

Zephyr Butterfly

In Warframe cosmetics can range from new colour palettes to new helmets and capes, and I have been progressively adding to my collection, slowly but surely. What I do love about my cape buying escapade is that I very rarely have to spend money and when I do it is because I want to support my favourite developers. Warframe has an incredible model where premium currency can be earned simply by playing the game. So if I want to run around like a crazy butterfly ninja I can.

Cosmetics allow you to put your own personality into the very game you love to play not to mention looking fabulous at all times. I honestly love in-game cosmetics and will happily spend my money on them provided they are marvellously designed. Live and let live I say.

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