Koshai The Soverign Of Thorns Is Coming To Dauntless

DauntlessComing Storm update will be arriving tomorrow bringing with it the beginning of a story arc that will progress as the storm worsens. With the next update a new Behemoth, Koshai the Sovereign of Thorns will be staring down Slayers of all kinds, daring them to attack.

Koshai will utilise thorns, vines and razor-sharp claws to annihilate foes, in fact, the Ostians a people renowned for their technological accomplishments were unable to bring this beast to bear. So now it is up to you. You will find Koshai hidden on a ramshackle new island formed together by a multitude of different landmasses lashed together with vines and brambles. But this is no open zone my friends, Sovereign’s Throne encourages you, dares you to delve deep into caves and traverse floating stones.

Koshai isn’t the only threat you will have to face, as his Thorn-filled aether has corrupted several other Behemoths, creating the Thornbound. Shockjaw, Razorwing, Moonreaver and Firebrand have all Thornboundified gifting them with additional strength and added lethality.

Koshai is an infestation, a plague, a virus that has tainted the Shattered Isles and made its threats more threatening.

Ostian Repeaters.png

With the Coming Storm, the Ostians have tracked the Koshai to Ramsgate, bringing with them a spree of new weapons and powerful additions to your arsenal. You are going to need every advantage to take on the challenges that await you. To keep some distance between your fragile being and the beast that can rend you to pieces the Ostians offer customisable Repeaters.

While the required materials needed to forge these new weapons aren’t the most common, the hunt is definitely worth it as the Repeaters can be customised to fit each individual Slayer’s personal needs. The Ostians are also bringing some quality explosive power to bear with five unique grenade consumables to throw some flash and bang into the fight.

Sharpen your blades Slayers because Dauntless’ Coming Storm update commences tomorrow.

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