Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Heed The Dragon’s Call With Paladins’ New Event

A while ago Hi-Rez promised bigger scale events for the Realm, each subsequent one getting wackier and all the more fun. They are keeping to their word with the Dragon’s Call event, which in a nutshell is an incredibly fast-paced capture the flag type game mode. Plus, the lore is truly rampant with this event.

Dragon's Call Map.png

A beacon has been lit within the Paladins Realm attracting the attention of both the Magistrate’s forces and the Paladins resistance, as they both seek to claim mystical power for their own ends. The beacon calls forth the Dragon Mages, special warders of ancient relics to battle encroaching darkness, but they are no more.

Now, a much more desperate struggle ensues, with each side attempting to claim a special Key Sphere and dunk it into the enemy team’s Vault. Let’s break it down. Dragon’s Call is a 4 v 4 game mode where teams must attempt to claim a Key Sphere which spawns in the middle of the map.

Whoever holds the Key Sphere is locked out of using any abilities or passives as well as being immune to all healing. The goal is for your team to take the Key Sphere to the enemy beacon/Vault and score a point and to prevent the enemy team from scoring. The Key Sphere can be dropped or thrown at any time, so there are great opportunities for sheer coordination and teamwork to shine through.

Dragon's Call

It is essentially a giant, fast-paced free for all where you can throw the ball to other teammates, toss it up and annihilate your opponents before catching it again or to simply cover your Sphere runner by killing hostile Champs. The timer for Dragon’s Call is set at 15 minutes and whoever has the most points at the end of that time is the winning team, otherwise, it is the first to four points. However, if it is a tie game the win goes to whichever team holds the Key Sphere.


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As with the previous Paladins events, there will be a spree of new cosmetics to earn, some of which come packaged in special bundles, others which can be earned for free just by playing Dragon’s Call. Each of the bundle skins also delves deeper into the lore of those particular Champions in a big way.

Outlaw Sha Lin is first up and we see a more mature, edgier kind of Desert Shadow. Full of mythology based puns, Outlaw brings a level of intricacy and badassness that frankly hasn’t really been seen with his other skins. At least in my opinion. Plus just look at that bow, it is a work of art.


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Overlord Khan is a flashback to the early days of Lian’s bodyguard when he was more of a one-man army as opposed to a protector. Full of anger and a passionate zeal for the Magistrate, Overlord Khan hates the Paladins with all his might and is going to steam train them down with whatever it takes.


Dragonborn Moji Side View

Dragonborn Moji Familiar

The final bundle skin is magnificent, transcendent, radiant, marvellicious. Moji finally gets her first Epic skin with Dragonborn, and she casually rides around on what appears to be a twin-headed Alduin.

Once again showing off a more mature concept, Dragonborn Moji has summoned an incredibly powerful Familiar to deal with Dragon’s Call. The conflict is going to be tough and every Champ is going to need to bring their A-game so why not ride into battle on the back of the World-Eater?

Dragonborn Moji also practically doubles the standard size of Moji, I mean she is enormous now and it just looks so chic. Plus the voice pack shows a Paladins mage who knows she is powerful and has no time to explain things twice. There are probably going to be a few new Moji mains after 1.4 drops.

The bundle will cost 1200 Crystals and has a suite of other goodies but each skin can be directly purchased for 600 Crystals if you just want one in particular.


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That isn’t all as there is a special Vault holding five total skins, four returning and one new. In terms of the returning skins, there will be Academic Skye, Jade Priestess Seris, Demon Slayer Zhin and Raeve Maeve. But we will also be getting a fully armoured up Furia.

Aurora Furia shows her in an incredibly ignited form, burning hotter than she ever has before in order to deal with this new threat. Just look at that weapon with the entwined helix, it is a design marvel and it is quite pleasing to see Furia getting some love so soon after she has been released.

The Vault skins are acquired through a Vault Key one of which you get from purchasing the bundle of the above event skins. But what’s this, there are more rewards to earn?

There is a free path of cosmetics which includes things like a new Death Stamp, MVP poses, Emotes, Gold etc which are unlocked when you accumulate a certain number of points. Score 60 points and you unlock everything. The good news is that point progress is team-based so you don’t have to physically score to progress. Furthermore, if you purchase the Dragon’s Call bundle, you will be awarded any of the free rewards you didn’t earn during the event at its conclusion.

Dragon’s Call is the third big event of Paladins and it is going to be a chaotic mess of action and incredible new skins. Cannot wait until 1.4.

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