Battleborn: An Amazing Game With An Even Greater Community

There are so many games out there, and so many more in the pipeline, whether they are being developed or are simply ideas. It is inevitable that many games will fall by the wayside or not be as successful as they could have been.


Battleborn was one of those games, and it is quite unfortunate because it has so much going for it. I have not played Battleborn for the longest time but over the last couple of days I have been logging back on, reading through all the lore I have collected from the heroes I have mastered. Reliving my memories of some of my favourite characters, like Marquis, the sociopathic German robotic sniper, Galilea, the corrupted warrior and Beatrix, master of toxins.

Characters I spent countless hours with, attempting to unlock difficult challenges just to get a little more lore to satisfy my curiosity. But when I logged back on trying to complete the Heart of Ekkunar Operation, I was left to wait in vain as no one joined my public game.

At this point, Battleborn is a game that is only really playable solo or in a group of friends if you happen to have some that play. It is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of Battleborn‘s fall, but it may have something to do with the aggressive push of Overwatch. Not that I am faulting Overwatch being popular, I enjoy playing it as well, but it simply overshadowed the Gearbox title.

Many people didn’t like the overly cartoony style of Battleborn or the cheesy jokes and even some of the character designs. But that is what made those that loved and love Battleborn, love it even more. It is over the top but it is amazing.

It wasn’t helped by small-minded members of the gaming community not understanding that studios can work on multiple projects at once. Look at the comment threads of any Battleborn post and you will see sprees of people clamouring for Borderlands 3. 


I could go on and on about my love for Battleborn’s characters and the story, centred around a fight to save the very last Star in the universe but I will spare you that for now. Because I did want to mention how truly wonderful the Battleborn community is.

While the game may effectively be on life support, the very nature of the situation means that the only ones that are left playing are the ones that love it the most, the most passionate and most dedicated.

Last Star Collaboration

If I may spare a moment to talk about Nema, an amazingly talented artist who brought together so many Battleborn community artists to create the ‘Last Star’ collaboration. Each artist was responsible for a single character that has been combined to create the mind-blowing art you can see above.

Nema recently passed away, and while I didn’t know her personally I know she is a Star that will never wink out, and the fact she was able to bring together so many talented people is incredibly heart-warming. Reading through the tributes from each of the artists is a sure-fire way to bring tears to your eyes.

Even though Battleborn didn’t experience soaring popularity, it has created a tight-knit group that will last throughout eternity and that is something I and many others will treasure forever.

For Nema, nam stella.

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