The Novel

The Novel: The Third

It has been quite a while since I have written an update about my novel and truth be told, it has been a little while since I have done anything for my novel. I have mainly been working on my character profiles and there is a character I am truly excited to reveal but it won’t be now.

Suffice it to say he or more accurately it, is a new type of mage, something so powerful and knowledge-hungry there is not much that can stand against it. There are caveats, you cannot simply have someone blast away the calamity as soon as it arrives but I hope to convey the sheer intricacies and blustering insecurities he holds.

With this particular character and indeed many of what I have planned out, I have been trying to impart tiny bits of my own personality into them, while at the same time steering them in different directions than the common fantasy tropes. Whether or not that will be entirely successful or conveyable is yet to be seen.

A new banner has also been in the works for a little while, I say in the works what I mean is it will be in the works when I get money to pay for it. As much as I like Skyrim, I want a more animated, cartoony banner to represent my story and I plan to add some teasers about what is coming.

Until next time.

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