Battlefield V

Battlefield V Is Bringing Lost History To Life

Video games, especially war based ones try and strike a fine line between historical accuracy and intense gameplay that keeps players wanting more. But what happens when players have fought the good fight countless times, running through the same fields, destroying the same artillery and storming the same beaches. The Gameinformer article written by Matt Bertz on Battlefield V put it best;

‘To be frank, we’ve all played it – we’ve all been there,’ says senior producer Andreas Morell. ‘We’ve all stormed the beaches of Normandy and cleared every bunker in France. I think some of us can probably navigate the countryside by muscle memory alone’. 

That is where Grand Operations come in, a new take on the popular Operations mode. Grand Operations serves as a dynamic multi-round/multi-day game mode where the actions of one day affect the next. So instead of just respawning in each and every round with the same amount of ammo and resources, it fluctuates depending on your success, much like in a real war.

If you lose the first round, the second round may see you low on ammo, or up against greater odds that really cause you to use your ingenuity. That is where Battlefield V will really shine, making it not just about the weaponry and tools at your disposal but about strategy and outsmarting your opponents, once again just like a real war. DICE is also taking us to new locations, lesser-known locations of WW2, I mean it was a world war after all. Expect to undertake battles heavily influenced by real-world historical events.

Battlefield V sniper

Grand Operations are set over four in-game days, which shows a to and fro of advantages and map changes as the battle progresses. If your team can decisively overcome your opponents on Day 3, you will achieve victory but if it is close, Day 4 will begin. This battle of attrition simulates the exhaustion and lack of available resources that a drawn-out battle would have certainly created with players dying quickly and only having a single magazine to utilise. Permadeath is a real thing in round 4 and once a squad is gone, they are gone, leaving one team standing victorious.

While on these new frontiers, Battlefield V will have a greater emphasis on teamwork, trying to incorporate a real feeling of mateship and relying on your near perfect coordination and adaptability with your squad. Speaking of squads, Battlefield V brings four main classes to the mix;

  • Assault: Classic soldier archetype focused on anti-infantry and anti-vehicle combat.
  • Support: Can resupply allies with ammunition and suppress enemies with explosive gadgets.
  • Medic: All soldier types can revive in Battlefield V but the Medic can perform these revives faster and to full health.
  • Recon: Long-ranged fighter

Not only that but each class can be specialised even further with specific combat roles such as the Machine Gunner for the Support class. This will see the Support equipped with an MG34, Ammo Crate and Flare Gun. This will open up a diverse range of offensive and defensive options not only for Grand Operations but in every Battlefield V multiplayer mode.

Battlefield V.jpg

EA has also confirmed that there will be a singleplayer mode in the form of War Stories, a returning format from Battlefield 1. These War Stories will focus on the significant but lesser known historical moments over the course of the war. One that has been revealed focuses on a young resistance fighter trying to survive during the occupation of Norway in 1943.

Titled Nordlys, this story isn’t just about the battle for freedom, but also has intense emotional stakes revolving around her family that will resonate with players. You will have freedom of gameplay choice in how you want to approach the story, whether you want to infiltrate the enemy quietly and take out your enemies or to ramp up the fight by getting detected.

There will be plenty of War Stories as part of the singleplayer campaign with plans by EA to release more post-release.

While Battlefield as a franchise has always been centred on historical experiences, Battlefield V appears to be a decisive step up in evolving, adapting experiences both in the singleplayer and multiplayer. Plus, for me, as a huge fan of history, it is exciting to be able to step into the shoes of people who lived the lesser known stories of World War II. Battlefield V will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 19th 2018.


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