Uncover A Mysterious Mask In The Hunt For The Eidolon-Inspired Warframe, Revenant

The next warrior to enter the ranks of the Tenno is a heavily defensive Warframe meant to excel in fast-paced combat. Revenant, also known initially as Codename: Vlad is an Eidolon-inspired Frame first revealed in Devstream 112.

With his pending release on PC next week, now seems like a perfect time to sum up all the information you will need to know about this Frame who utilises Eidolon energy to control foes.

Being a vampiric-style Warframe, Revenant has a passive lifesteal that is proportionate to the amount of energy he has at any one time. His abilities are as follows;

  • Enthrall: Enslaves an enemy to become an ally for a short time. The thrall will follow Revenant around drawing enemy aggression and attacking hostile forces. Every enemy hit by the thrall will also be afflicted up to a maximum amount of around 20. Upon death, the thralls leave behind an Eidolon pillar of light that behaves as a proximity mine.
  • Mesmer: Sprouts Eidolon growths from the body of Revenant that nullify/reduce damage taken and puts the source enemy to sleep for a duration. Each successful enemy attack will consume a charge. Can enslave sleeping enemies with Enthrall at no Energy cost.
  • Reave: Revenant vaporises into mist while rapidly dashing forward. Passing through enemies will steal their health and shields while passing through thralls provides bonus health and shields. Can be cancelled mid-dash.
  • Danse Macabre: Revenant spins while beams of Eidolon light protrude from his fingers, similar to Sentients. Danse Macabre drains Energy per second and the beam trajectory can be adjusted using the fire and aim buttons. Enemies killed by this ability drop a pickup that provides Overshields. Reave can be utilised while Danse Macabre is active.

Revenant Mask

Being a Warframe imbued with powerful Eidolon energy, it is only logical that the quest to unlock him will take place on the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus. Players will need to speak with Nakak in Cetus to uncover a mysterious mask that may or may not lead to Revenant (it will).

The Revenant quest will not be a massive quest by any means but will contain little tidbits of lore and history of the Revenant Warframe and the Eidolons. Revenant will be coming to PC next week with console hopefully not too far behind.

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