Sea Of Thieves’ Forsaken Shores Gets Release Date And Cursed Crews Bilge Rat Adventure

Rare has made a habit of keeping a steady stream of content flowing into Sea of Thieves with free large-scale updates like The Hungering Deep and Cursed Sails as well as fortnightly Bilge Rat Adventures.

Forsaken Shore Dark Rocks

Forsaken Shores, will see pirates being able to explore a firey, volcanic region known, understandably as Devil’s Roar. This island will tremble and shake, raining rocks and lava down on players heads as we navigate this dangerous new land. Not to mention the geysers that will launch unsuspecting players high into the air.

Forsaken Shores Devil's Roar

Thanks to the coursing magma underneath the surface around Devil’s Roar, the water around the island will be heated to the point where any pirates attempting to swim ashore would be boiled to death.

That is why Sea of Thieves is finally getting rowboats for pirates to safely transport themselves to the shore and back again. Thus far we don’t know much about the time-limited campaign but one thing is for sure, Forsaken Shores will be available September 19th. Mark your star charts.

Cursed Sails Skeleton.png

With Cursed Sails being extended for one more week (which is great because I haven’t had a chance to play it yet), the next Bilge Rat Adventure will be expanding on the mechanics of the expansion.

Known as Cursed Crews, this adventure requires pirates to go on the hunt for cursed cannonballs and use them against other players. These include the Rudder Ball, causing any ship hit with it to be locked from steering for a short time. Joe Neate has already sent one idea out and there are doubtless going to be plenty more clever uses for the Rudder Ball.

Cursed Crews will also introduce the Reapers Mark, a unique sail that, when equipped, will highlight the position of that ship on the map for all players to see. Whether it is bellowing out a challenge or trying to be friendly and offer free loot, it is definitely going to be an interesting mechanic.

There is a lot of interesting and exciting stuff coming to Sea of Thieves in the near future and it is incredibly exciting. Now, bring us that horizon.

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