Let’s Roll Out The Wanted List For Forsaken’s Barons

Destiny 2’s coming expansion will pit us against the Scorn, led by eight powerful Barons and Prince Uldren. Each of these Barons will offer new gameplay mechanics and unique encounters, as opposed to simply shooting them in the face until they fall.

The Last Stand Of The Gunslinger cinematic, released at Gamescom, showed our beloved Hunter Vanguard battling against the forces of the Scorn (don’t watch it if you want to avoid spoilers), with the Barons looming ominously in the background. The time has come to show off the targets of the hunt, and the focus of our fury.

The Rifleman

The Rifleman is the sharpshooter of the Barons, equipped with a cybernetic eye for pinpoint accuracy. He is best known for taking out three Awoken Paladins during the shootout at Pallas Falls, the Paladins being the commanders of the Awoken armies. He also has a knack for obliterating the tiny, shelled bodies of Guardians’ Ghost.

The Rifleman can create clones of himself while in combat, to confuse and disorient enemies and to buy him time to line up the perfect shot.

The Fanatic

The Fanatic is the leader of the Scorn, second only to Prince Uldren. He believe that for the Fallen must die for them all to evolve and become stronger. The Fanatic tends to utilise Arc energy to devastating effect.

The Hangman

The Hangman tears apart Fallen Servitors to supply his fellow Barons with Ether. Wielding a flaming mace or thurible, the Hangman appears to be a very melee-centric foe. Devastating for Guardians and Fallen alike, his sadistic obsession with machines created in the image of the Traveler drove the House of Wolves to extinction.

The Machinist

Looming massively over the rest of the Barons, the Machinist is the chief munitions expert, and also quite the insatiable thief. Wanted, most notably (before this of course) for the disappearance of a Dead Orbit Necho-Class vessel and all Guardian escorts, the Machinist can launch rocket explosives from a large back-mounted mortar.

The Mindbender

Possibly one of my favourite Barons, both in terms of lore and design, the Mindbender was once a lowly Dreg that fell into the Hellmouth on the Moon. Also known as Hiraks, his time in the domain of the Hive gave him the power to unravel minds and an obsession to obtain his own throne-world.

The Trickster

The Trickster goes by many names, the Butcher of Bombarga and Terminus of the Gray Legion being just a couple. This particular Baron is slippery, tricking others into doing her dirty work for her, and leaving deadly surprises for her victims.

Mad Bomber

The aptly named Mad Bomber, first put into the Prison of Elders for his attempted assassination of Awoken Royalty, has a particular fondness for explosives. This is going to be one chaotic fight.

The Rider

In what will be our first boss battle with an enemy mounted on a vehicle, the Rider and her posse have been responsible for the deaths of 486 Awoken. Riding in with a veritable army of toxic Pikes, the Rider and her crew leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake.

One by one these Barons will fall, paying for their role in Cayde’s death. There is going to be a particular level of prejudice aimed at the Rifleman. Forsaken launches September 4th, with a special 24 hour trial of the new Gambit game mode on September 1st.

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