Destiny 2 Editorials

Why Must Destiny 2 Be So Frustrating?

Destiny is an incredibly frustrating thing to love.

I remember playing Destiny from the first moment it was out, falling in love with the characters, environments and gameplay in general. Despite having barely any content, I spent at least two to three hours a day playing Destiny. It just captivated me and enraptured my soul.

It got so much better after the release of The Taken King and it was a revitalised experience, full of wonder and hidden secrets. Then the comparatively disappointing Destiny 2 was released, almost reverting everything that Guardians loved about the original. Yes, the worlds were still vibrant and beautifully designed and the gunplay, besides static rolls on weapons, was still fantastic, but there was a magic gone.

Almost like a spark had gone out, fuelled by disappointment and wondering what could have been with Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Now Forsaken is on the horizon, released in a few days and there is an internal struggle within my very being.

I won’t hesitate in saying this but I absolutely love Destiny, I love everything about it. I have framed animated art hanging above my bed with all my favourite Destiny 1 characters on it. But Forsaken has got me in a daze.

There is an old saying, ‘Once is a mistake, twice is a pattern’ and it rings quite true with this. I have hope that Forsaken will be wondrous, full of that same magic that captivated me four years ago, but is that trust well placed?

Many people will say yes and many will say no, and I suppose it is up to each of us to decide what we want to do. As much as I love the gunplay, lore and stories are my favourite part and after following Forsaken carefully, I am reasonably confident that this time will be different, that the emotionally-fuelled plot-line and the Baron hunts will satisfy my craving for story.

There is still a to and fro in my head, almost as if logic and emotion are having a bare-knuckled boxing match in my head. I think that is what makes me so frustrated, so angry. Wanting something for a game you love shouldn’t be this conflicting.

The Forsaken launch trailer has only amplified this conflict. Maybe it is a touch of nostalgia for Destiny 1 with the first time we laid eyes on and interacted with Prince Uldren and Mara Sov. Or my burning desire to hunt down those who have harmed Cayde.

We all know that Bungie can make kick ass trailers, they are remarkably talented, but a lot of the time it hides the true reality. My experiences with this game, while lovely and intense, have made me cynical when approaching it.

I have some thinking to do over the next couple days about whether or not I am going to buy Forsaken. This is very much a love-hate relationship. 

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