Forsaken: PlayStation Exclusive Trace Rifle Wavesplitter And Broodhold Strike Revealed

With Forsaken just around the corner, the exclusive content for PlayStation Guardians has been unveiled, including a brand new Trace Rifle from the makers of Coldheart.

Wavesplitter alternates between power levels as the trigger is held with the Exotic perk, Harmonic Laser. This is similar to how the Coldheart functions, except that it will cycle through the levels. Through this process, a visual metre on Wavesplitter will change, most likely the special bulbs, and the laser thickness will alternate.

The truly Exotic feature of the Wavesplitter is that upon picking up an Orb of Light, the weapon is charged to its maximum power level for a short duration. Wavesplitter is going to be delightful when synergised with Masterwork weapons, or even if it happens to get an Exotic Catalyst.

Hive Brood Queen.png

PlayStation Guardians will also get an exclusive Strike known as Broodhold, sending you into the depths of a crashed Hive tomb ship on the Tangled Shore to eliminate a Hive infestation.

In Ananh Brood Queen.png

The main draw is facing the unique mechanics of the Brood Queen, which consists of her alternating between a physical and shadow form. Both forms have their own set of abilities, including deadly poison, requiring Guardians to be constantly on the move.

PlayStation users will also get exclusive ships and an armour set for each Guardian class.

My Take

I do not like content exclusivity of the kind that Destiny has been undertaking since launch. What really rubs salt in the wound is that the gameplay of Broodhold and the mechanics of fighting the Brood Queen are actually quite exciting. Here’s to hoping it won’t be exclusive for as long as other content has been in the past.

Forsaken launches on September 4th, so only a few days to go until we can truly begin the hunt for Prince Uldren and his precious Barons.

For Cayde.


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