My First Experience At Sydney’s Spawn Point Bar

After wanting to go for ages I finally found the time and money to head down to Sydney’s first gaming bar, aptly named Spawn Point. Hidden away in a small basement area, like many small bars around the city, Spawn Point offers a cosy, friendly gaming experience with alcohol.

Being socially inept, and by myself, I didn’t stay long, but not before I got really hands-on with trying some of the cocktails and shots, then attempting to play some games. Suffice it to say, my reflexes weren’t the best but I had an absolute ball.

Atmosphere-wise, it was like stepping into a time where past and present gaming met in a glorious configuration. Two massive TVs hung on the wall side, by side above an esports wall. One TV was showing a live CS:GO match, which was interesting and quite intense, but didn’t captivate my attention.

Injustice Raven.jpg

The second TV, however, held my interest for a lot longer. An Xbox set up with playable Injustice 2 was shining in all its glory. Now I have never had any real interest in fighting games, but watching people slay as Raven really piqued my curiosity. It was through this, that I met some lovely new people, and we bonded over our love of gaming, their love of LoL and my self-confessed inability to play LoL with any level of competency.

Further down in Spawn Point, you have several consoles set up, both new and old. Vintage-looking booths allowed groups of friends to sit down, eat and chat, and with consoles mounted directly above either side of the booths, game.

Pokemon was projected onto one wall, allowing us to watch the adventures of Ash, Brock and Misty, which I did for a while, sipping on my Nutella-flavoured alcohol aptly named the Game Over.

And closer to the bar, you had a series of wooden bar tables and bar stools, with TVs once-again mounted on the wall, this time featuring Yoshi’s World.

After having a few cocktails, not enough being game-themed or named, I noticed that Super Smash Bros Melee was available, and my heart lit up. Jumping on it I dashed and weaved my way around the maps as Kirby, laughing loudly no matter if I won or lost.

Being absolutely awful at engaging in social situations, I had a bit of trouble finding new people to hang with after my new friends left, so I finished off my drink and began my trip home in the rain.

Spawn Point Bar

Even though I wasn’t there long, the atmosphere and warmness of Spawn Point bar was amazing. I will definitely be back but I will bring friends the next time around.




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