Warframe’s Pyrus Project Is Live On PC

Over the last four years, Vay Hek has launched a series of Fomorian attacks against our Relays, one of our beloved social spaces. The Tenno have faced and destroyed the Fomorian threat countless times over the years but we have lost three of our Relays in the process.

Thanks to Steel Meridian, reconstruction efforts have begun to restore the some of the annihilated Relays to their full glory. The Pyrus Project, currently live on PC, will focus on the restoration of the Strata Relay on Earth. When the Pyrus Project reaches consoles, Xbox One Tenno will also begin work on the Strata Relay while PlayStation Tenno will help rebuild the Larunda Relay on Mercury.

The Pyrus Project is simple. Cressa Tal needs Tenno to contribute thirty Pyrus Essence, dropped from Essence Carriers on Earth, Mercury, Saturn and Ceres. They are similar in appearance to Eximus enemies and have a special icon marking them out as unique.

Grustrag Three

But you will need to be careful, as the Grustrag Three will attempt to stop you collecting Essence. Any mission above level three on Earth, Mercury, Saturn or Ceres have a chance to spawn them, regardless if you have been marked. Vay Hek doesn’t want us to have anything nice.

If you want to farm the Brakk, Hell’s Chamber, Natural Talent or Split Chamber, the Pyrus Project is probably the best time.

This event will run until September 13th, and if successful, a shiny new Strata Relay will stand as a testament to the will of Steel Meridian and the Tenno.

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