Destiny 2

Embracing The Joyful Chaos Of My First Destiny 2 Gambit Experience

I have been quite open with my opinions that Destiny leaves narrative story-telling with a lot to be desired, at least in respect to their smaller expansions. This does not refer to the wonderful nuggets of lore scattered throughout the world, instead just the main body of story. However, Destiny has always provided Guardians with intense and satisfying gunplay and wondrous multiplayer experiences.

This has culminated in Gambit, which if I can be frank, has been one of the best multiplayer modes I have played in recent years. Bungie released a free trial of Gambit for a single day, daring Guardians to meet the Drifter and get their PvEvP on.

I was trepidatious loading into my first match, knowing what to do but not entirely knowing what to expect. It is always a lucky dip when entering a multiplayer match, to what allies and enemies you will get but it seems I was relatively lucky.

My nerves were quickly washed away and replaced with tremendous excitement as our two teams faced off, with my trusty Warlock emoting and dancing with unveiled enthusiasm as we waited for the Drifter to send us in.

The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by lush green foliage and ruined buildings.

Hefting my mighty Crimson in hand, channelling my deadly Destiny 1 Red Death days, I charged straight into the fray, eliminating Fallen left, right and centre, never retreating. I quickly accumulated fifteen motes and rushed them to the bank, but just before I could deposit them, two Taken Ogres reared their ugly heads.

It was like an orchestrated symphony the way my Fireteam switched their focus and in no time we mowed down the Ogres, and I rushed in to give the enemy team a little taste of what they sent our way. For about thirty seconds all was normal, the Fallen were dropping to our Light and bullets alike, then the announcement came that we were being invaded.

Almost simultaneously our Invasion portal lit up and a brave Titan rushed to deliver some pain to the enemy team. At this time I heard rather than saw, the activation of a Stormtrance and saw the jagged tips of the Crown of Tempests helmet. One of my comrades fell to his lightning and our foe turned the focus on me. My Super was up but I was saving it so I went to work with my beloved Crimson. One more shot would have won me the battle but alas I was defeated, and lost five motes. The only motes I would lose during the match.

I played cautiously every time an enemy invaded our zone, hiding in between trees or amongst the ruins, trying as best I could to keep long sightlines so I would have a better chance at survival. The invasions always tended to occur when I had stacked my motes into the double digits.

When we finally spawned the Primeval, all chaos broke loose. Enemies everywhere, bodies flying, Supers flying, Guardians dying and reviving constantly. While I focused on the Primeval’s Lieutenants to bring its resistance down, my Fireteam focused on his health.

We appeared to be winning, for the most part, as the enemy Primeval was summoned just after ours. Then with only a little health left to take out, the enemy team inched ahead and stole the round.

Now that I knew what I was doing, I played more aggressively, banking those motes and trying to be the biggest nuisance to the enemy team possible. I turned into an invader-hunter, seeking them out before they could harm my team. While we did not see any more Ogre Blockers, courtesy of the enemy, we did see a lot of Taken Knights.

Summoning the Primeval first yet again, we were able to slam home a victory, bolstering our team’s confidence and plastering a smile on my face. A repeat of the same aggressive strategy saw our team bank motes twice as fast as the enemy thanks to our excellent invaders.

Completely nailing that final round and securing the win, I couldn’t help but cheer in real life.

Gambit is my new favourite and I plan to play a lot of it. 

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