Destiny 2

A (Very Quick) Guide On Mending The Awoken Talisman In Destiny 2

As the title suggests, this won’t be a long guide, essentially I am just going to tell you where to go to find those Lost Sectors and mend the Talisman that gives you access to the Dreaming City.

You are given pretty straightforward instructions for this questline but for your ease of discovery, the locations of the Lost Sectors are as follows;

In The Heart Of Spiders Web – Thieves Landing


Very straightforward, you are essentially heading deeper into Spider’s core territory. Head towards where you would go to enter Spider’s lair but head right, up the stairs and there should be an entrance to your left.

In a rare green place – Four Horn Gulch

Rare Green Place

Located in a sort of alley/split in the rock, the entrance to this Lost Sector is open like a normal doorway…but rock.

In an old Corsair hideout – Jetsam of Saturn


Running along the side of the crashed tomb ship should lead you to this Lost Sector’s entrance – a hole in the ground leading into a tunnel.

Utilise your maps and find the Lost Sector symbol and use the above to help you pinpoint the exact nature. Complete the Lost Sector by taking down the boss and upon opening the cache, you will complete a Talisman step.

Enjoy the Dreaming City Guardians.

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