Paladins Xenosynthesis Is Coming With Update 1.5 Alongside Queue Changes

Paladins is returning to the world of sci-fi badassery with a couple new cosmetics coming in the 1.5 update. This is one of the smaller patches that places a greater focus on quality of life improvements as opposed to cosmetics. But we definitely have some cool ones coming in 1.5.

Gr0b0t In Game

A complete 180 on his original character mode and personality, Grover is finally getting another Epic skin, titled Gr0b0t. Featuring a tinny, highly-robotiscised voice, Gr0b0t is dedicated to the complete destruction of the forests and plant life.

Gr0bot Weapon

With what is already my favourite weapon of his, Gr0b0t throws what appears to be an axe-blowtorch hybrid. Having just got Grover to thirty and acquired his ‘The Wild’ title, I feel like this is either a taunt or a sign that I should play Grover more.

Gr0b0t can be acquired from the Diamond Chest as a random roll.

Xeno-Buster Ash

Xenobuster Ash is what you get when you mix a fantasy knight with a serious bug problem. The voice pack for Xenobuster is incredibly aggressive and militaristic.

Xenobuster Ash.Xenobuster Weapon

The weapon has awesome VFX but the sound is where it shines the most, sounding almost like concussion explosives detonating in that epic sci-fi fashion.

Xenobuster Ash can be acquired through the returning Deep Space Chest for 100 Crystals a roll.

Evil Mojo is changing the flow of the Queue system for normal queues, excluding ranked, designed to get players into matches quicker. Ranked was excluded because, in the simplest of terms, the stakes are a lot higher.

Players will no longer have to accept a match when the queue finally pops, you will simply be automatically loaded in. It can get quite annoying when the match doesn’t go ahead because someone didn’t ready up.

This is combined with an automatic Champion select if a player doesn’t pick one themselves in the allotted time. Based on your team composition, a Champion will be chosen for the non-picker, to help round out the match a little. I can see this being great as a sort of randomiser function for those matches where you just don’t care who you play.

Finally, at the end of a match, the game will automatically load you back into the queue, which you can leave with the press of a button. The system is designed around getting you into matches as quickly as possible.

And good news for Xbox and PlayStation players, as console reporting is coming with 1.5 because being a multiplayer game means you are going to run into some less-than-helpful teammates.

Short but sweetly badass is the Paladins 1.5 patch, which should be getting deployed mid next week.

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