Destiny 2

One Last Curse Has Been Unleashed On The Dreaming City

After a mammoth raid run of almost 20 hours, The Last Wish was completed, and Riven put down. As is the nature with Ahamkara, they are never truly gone, and Riven has unleashed one last curse on the Dreaming City.

Visiting the Dreaming City node and talking to Petra will grant you a new pursuit/quest – the Broken Courier. This mission tasks you with recovering several stolen relics from the Hive, that they had stolen from the Awoken.

Xivu Arath Enemy

The Ultra enemies you encounter bear the moniker of Xivu Arath, a sister of Oryx, along with Savathun. Xivu Arath also appears to be able to control the Taken, as they feature quite heavily in this quest. The final enemy will definitely be familiar after the Forsaken campaign. This fight isn’t too difficult, just stay moving and take out enemies along the way so you aren’t swarmed.

Techuen Witch

There appear to be additional steps to this questline, as you get the ‘Quest activities available’ signal yet no marker on your map. More hidden secrets.

This quest is setting up the story for further along in the overarching Destiny campaign, which will involve the sisters of Oryx and most likely Quria, Blade Transform. The secrets of the Dreaming City have only begun to unravel and it is bringing a lot of excitement back into Destiny.






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