Warframe’s Nezha Is Getting An Ability Rework

Our flame-walking fiery Frame, Nezha is getting a rework which is touching up and refining all of his abilities to make them work better both solo and in a squad format.


Firewalker has been changed from a channelling ability to a duration-based one. Essentially, instead of Nezha being able to leave a trail of fire wherever he goes, for as long as you have Energy, you have a set duration. This allows for proper Energy regeneration which he wasn’t getting before.

Subsequently, the cast animation has been changed to a small hop, getting you into the fight a lot quicker.

Blazing Chakram

The initial cast animation has been sped up, which is great because it was a little slow for some of the faster-paced fights. Any enemies that are hit by the disc are marked, which greatly increases the damage they take from all sources.

Marked targets have a chance to drop Energy orbs, and upon their death, have a chance to drop Health orbs, as opposed to the current healing pulse. This allows for more effective team support.

Blazing Chakram will also try to hit more targets when thrown out and a charged throw can be utilised to bypass the auto-lock function, to throw the Chakram in a straight line.

Warding Halo

Nezha’s Warding Halo will now only block 90% of incoming damage, while still preventing status effects and other procs from hitting him. When active, the HUD will show a custom counter, letting you know exactly how much damage absorption is left.

In terms of survivability, Warding Halo’s cast animation will grant Nezha an invulnerability phase, to stop him from getting downed in the midst of activating his protective ability. After the damage absorption has run out, an AoE geat status effect will initiate, providing you with a small window of invulnerability to re-cast.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.53.55 am.png

Divine Spears

The casting animation has been sped up, and hitting an enemy with Blazing Chakram will launch a second Chakram towards the enemy, improving damage output.

With the aim to release this rework next week, presumably for PC, it is undoubtedly going to make Nezha a lot more fluid, and more powerful.

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