The Elemental Dragon, Chroma Prime Is Coming To Warframe

At long last Chroma is finally getting a spiffy new Prime form, and my-oh-my it is quite impressive. Each Prime just gets more badass and dangerous-looking.

Stepping into the world of Warframe, Chroma Prime sports the deadly Rubico Prime and soul-crushing Gram Prime. All of which, along with Chroma himself, can be earned through Relics. It is definitely a great time to start stocking up on Relics, for a little bit of an advantage.

When Chroma Prime Access begins, you can also purchase a Chroma Accessories Pack giving you access to a 90 Day Affinity and Credit Booster, the extremely clean Impetus Prime Syandana and the Imugi Prime Armour, all of which are exceedingly sharp and wondrous to look at it.

Chrome Prime Access will begin on September 25th, so if you haven’t earnt your Limbo Prime yet, you still have a few days before he enters the Vault. The grind never stops with Warframe.

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