Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins 1.6 Welcomes Dredge, Alongside Fearsome New Cosmetics And Dark Tides Event

Paladins is coming in at high-tide with an absolute galleon-full of new content in 1.6 –  new cosmetics, a new Onslaught map, new Event and a brand new Damage Champion.

The new Event is known as Dark Tides and integrates with the standard Paladins game modes more thoroughly than previous Events. Abyssal Echoes have invaded the Realm and our matches. Our job is to defeat these echoes and collect the Dark Doubloons that link them to our plane of existence.

Dark Doubloons will be quite useful to the Merchants of the Dark Exchange and they may be willing to provide you with awesome new items in return. Each match played during the Event has a 25% chance to spawn one of these Abyssal Echoes, which are unique boss variations of the Event skins. However, they feature unique voice lines and movesets to the originals.

You will only have a short time to defeat the Death Speaker, Knightmare and Day Walker before they tear upon a portal to the Abyss and escape. And if you are lucky enough, you could encounter and potentially defeat Full Moon, to earn a Gold Doubloon. These special Doubloons unlock special variants to the Event skins and are only valid for the duration of the Event.

There are four Event-based quests for players to complete which can award you Gold Chests, Little Box of Horror Chests, ‘The Salty’ title and a ‘Grinning Gourds’ static Spray.

All of the Event skins come as a result of skin bundles which provide you with numerous other cosmetics alongside these haunting Epic skins.

Day Walker Vivian

Day Walker Vivian is out here sporting a sleek number and showing off her daytime-vampireness. Alongside the skin, players who purchase the Day Walker bundle will receive a Day Walker Avatar, Day Walker’s Artefact and the Complacent MVP pose.

Knightmare Fernando

Next up is the punny-yet-intimidating Knightmare Fernando, kind of bearing a resemblance to Fallen Androxus. Within the Knightmare Bundle, players will also receive the Knightmare’s Artefact, Knightmare Avatar and Colossus MVP pose.

Death Speaker Ying

Channelling the spectral, wispy terrors of the night, Death Speaker Ying looks like a healer you definitely don’t want to cross on a dark and stormy night. With the Death Speaker bundle, you will also receive the Death Speaker Avatar, Death Speaker’s Avatar and the Limitless MVP pose.

Each of the above bundles costs 500 Crystals, and the alternate versions of the skins – Contessa, Sanguine and Banshee respectively, can be purchased for one Gold Doubloon or 1000 Crystals each.

Full Moon Viktor

If you buy all three of the bundles you will automatically be granted the Full Moon bundle, featuring the wolfish Full Moon Viktor. Alongside our Lone Wolf, you will also be granted the Harbinger Avatar, Feral MVP pose, Dark Tides Loading Frame and Boo!-ty-licious title.

Iron Madam Inara

You will also be granted a Vault Key to purchase a single skin from the Vault, featuring Fallen Androxus, Demonette Maeve, Archangel Tyra and the brand new Iron Madam Inara, which is just wondrously designed.


The Merchants of the Dark Exchange run a special store during this Event, which you can use to acquire new and returning cosmetics. There is an annoying catch though, and that is you have to have an Artefact to enter, that is, you have to purchase at least one bundle.

Trick or Treat Talus

Never fear if you have no desire to purchase a bundle, as there will be new cosmetics for you to grab when 1.6 drops. The Little Box of Horrors chest is returning with some notable additions. In terms of new Epic skins, we are getting the positively horrific-yet-still-adorable Trick or Treat Talus.

In terms of other new items, we are getting the Legendary Emotes; Treat, Stealth Mode and Termenstein for Furia, Koga and Terminus respectively.

Marauder’s Port


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Keeping with the incredibly awesome Abyss theme, a new Onslaught map known as Marauder’s Port will be entering the rotation with 1.6. Initially the home of a dark cult of Abyss-worshippers, it eventually became a haven for scoundrels and pirates, including our brand new Champ.

Evil Mojo is addressing a popular player request with the upcoming patch, being direct purchases. ‘Unlimited’ is going to be a new type of cosmetic, generally utilised for Event skins. After the Event has added, the Event skin can be purchased for the full cost of all the bundles. To give an example of this, Full Moon Viktor will become unlimited after Dark Tides, but at a cost of 1500 Crystals, which is ridiculous. And it is only for the skin, as you will not be granted any of the cosmetics bundled in with the skin.

Evil Mojo has already addressed in the patch notes that they don’t expect many players to go down this route but hey, at least the option is there.

Admiral Dredge

The newest Champion to enter the fray is Dredge, Admiral of the Abyss, who has one of the coolest weapons in Paladins. Dredge is a Damage, more specifically a bombardier, bearing a lot of similarities with Willo in terms of blast damage.

Explosive Howitzer.png

Such a cool weapon. Dredge’s primary fire is Cursed Howitzer, which fires explosive projectiles, dealing 800 damage on each successful hit. The projectiles can also bounce off hard surfaces, presumably allowing for some clever angling and explosive surprises. When reloading the Cursed Howitzer, a slow-moving projectile is launched, dealing 1000 damage to any players hit.


Broadside is his alternate fire, having Dredge fire three projectiles, each which explode for 950 damage after a two second fuse. It is a good way to get some serious coverage on an objective, or just to score some multi-kills.


Harpoon is exactly that. Dredge throws a spectral harpoon at a foe, dealing 800 damage and slowing them by 50% for two seconds.


Dredge’s movement ability is known as Shortcut and actually requires a little forethought and planning. Dredge is able to plant two Abyss portals, and move between them once, consuming them both in the process.


Finally, Dredge’s Ultimate ability is unsurprisingly known as Kraken. Upon activation, a two second timer begins, after which Abyssal tentacles rip through into our world, dealing 4000 damage to any in the radius.

Community Sprays

Ending on a lovely community note, the above four Sprays will be acquirable from special Halloween-themed community events that will be detailed soon.

1.6 is a massive patch and has a tonne of game improvements, including significant changes to console aim assist. Expect to see Dark Tides (and take control of Dredge) in the next week or so.


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