Overwatch’s Torbjorn Is Getting An Ability Rework

Torbjorn, Overwatch’s faithful engineer and weapons expert is getting quite the major ability rework in an effort to make him more viable in a larger spree of situations. Most notably, his armour and scrap abilities have been…scrapped, and his Ultimate has been altered.

Rivet Gun

Blizzard has updated Rivet Gun to be more consistent when firing, by increasing projectile speed and reload speed.

In turn, Rivet Gun’s alternate fire has been adjusted by decreasing the recovery time between shots so that it matches his primary fire. Damage has been lowered as a result, but overall damage on Torbjorn’s alternate fire is higher, and the spread pattern is easier to predict.

Deploy Turret

Deploy Turret

In a gameplay move that will allow Torbjorn to get right back into battle, Deploy Turret is a thrown projectile that will automatically start building over three seconds. The Turret will be set at, and deal damage corresponding to the Level Two Turret but otherwise will have no levels. Because of this, Torbjorn’s hammer is now only used to repair the Turret.

To give players a little more control over the Turret, it will now fire at whatever target has been hit with Rivet Gun.


Taking the best aspects of Torb’s old Molten Core Ultimate, Overload is essentially a re-branding. Upon activation, Torbjorn will get 150 temporary armour, and 30% bonuses to movement speed, Rivet Gun attack and reload speed, and hammer attack speed. Overload will last for five seconds and have a cooldown of twelve.

Molten Core

Molten Core

In the words of Jeff Kaplan, the Overwatch team really loved how Torbjorn screamed Molten Core so they kept the name the same. Now, Molten Core sees Torbjorn power up his claw arm and fire molten slag at the ground.

Torbjorn has six seconds to fire up to ten molten projectiles, spawning pools of liquid slag. Armored Heroes, such as Bastion and Orisa will take more damage from Molten Core, as the magma eats through their chassis. As an added bonus, the molten projectiles will bounce off walls until they hit the ground, which adds a little strategy and a whole lot of fun for those hard to reach places.

The new and improved Torbjorn is currently on the Overwatch PTR so it is a great time to go check out his fiery new persona.

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