Assassins Creed Odyssey

Trophy List For Assassins Creed Odyssey Revealed: Revel In The History

And mythology.

The full trophy/achievement list has been released for Assassins Creed Odyssey and it focuses on some pretty intense mythological and historical events from ancient times. Unsurprisingly, some of the achievements give away some of the in-game events, so please don’t read on if you want it to remain a mystery.

This is Sparta: Complete the Battle of 300

The Battle of 300 was a legendary conflict in 480 BCE, where Spartan king Leonidas and 300 of his bravest warriors fought against the encroaching Persion invasion force, led by Xerxes.

The battle, located at Thermopylae, was decisive in the Persian’s defeat, as it gave the rest of the Greeks enough time to rally together and ultimately defeat the Persians. This is undoubtedly going to be a pitched battle, which the RPG mechanics are only going to make more intense.

It is important to mention that players will wield the Broken Spear of Leonidas throughout Assassins Creed Odyssey, which is passed down to his daughter and subsequently his grandchild. According to the Assassins Creed wiki, this was given to Kassandra, hence why we will wield it during the events of Odyssey.

Gameplay of the Battle of 300, shows that we will embody Leonidas as a warrior, which is glorious on so many levels.

In Perseus’ Image: Defeat Medusa

Gameplay footage for Medusa has already shown off the intense difficulty of these mythic battles, where players will really need to be at the top of their game in order to succeed.

Medusa most notably utilises an energy beam that stiffens up the joints of the player, initialising the process of turning you to stone. This has the unfortunate effect of slowing players down, opening you up to hefty damage.

A-maze-ing Victory!: Defeat the Minotaur


Birthed from the union of Pasiphae and a white bull sent by the god Poseidon, the Minotaur is a massive half-man, half-bull monster hidden within the Labyrinth maze. These endgame battles are not a simple, straightforward battle, and players will need to do significant legwork to reach them.

Based on the achievement’s wording, players may have to delve deep into the Labyrinth, facing numerous challenges on the way until we reach the centre and the beast waiting there.

Eye on the Prize: Defeat the Cyclops


The Cyclops, a race of giants characterised by a single eye in the centre of their forehead, are divided into two divisions. The three builder cyclopes, Arges, Brontes and Steropes, legendary craftsmen who constructed, among other things, the lightning bolts of Zeus and the herdsmen Cyclopes, children of Poseidon.

The achievement Stink Eye, tasks players to retrieve the Cyclop’s Eye from a goat on Kellaphonia, which may be a segway into the mythic endgame battle. Hopefully, the Cyclops would be Polyphemus, from the Odyssey, likely what the quest is paying homage to.

Riddle Me This: Outwit the Sphinx

The Sphinx is a lion with the head of a woman, who terrorised passers-by outside Thebes, by asking them an impossible riddle, that was eventually solved by Oedipus. Since the achievement tasks us with outwitting the Sphinx, it could be that we simply have to solve a riddle or a puzzle. Or it could be a segway into a pitched battle.

Although if the riddle relies on the myth itself, then it will be a fun if simple quest, but that is unlikely.

Master of the Hunt: Complete the Daughters of Artemis Questline

Not literal daughters of the Virgin Goddess, the Daughters of Artemis are a faction dedicated to the worship of Artemis. Viewing themselves as the protectors of the natural landscape of Greece, they utilise animals such as bears, and possibly wolves to protect it.

Based on the trophy list, we are going to have plenty to occupy our time with when Assassins Creed Odyssey finally drops. Historical figures like Hippokrates, Pythagoras and Socrates are just a sampling of who we will get to interact with. Fingers crossed there will be a Dionysus questline where we can get drunk with the god of wine and madness.

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