Destiny 2

The Curse Of Riven Has Grown In Destiny 2

Before the release of Forsaken, Bungie spoke about how there would be an abundance of hidden secrets and quests that would be discovered as the weeks went on. After last weeks first Raid clear, a curse was unleashed over the Dreaming City revealing a lot more servants of the Hive Prince Xivu Arath.

Upon logging into Destiny 2 and heading to the Dreaming City, Guardians will find Petra crouched on a rock in the Divalian Mists, a lot closer to your Transmart zone. The curse has grown over the last week, even going so far as to alter the Dreaming City observatory on the Spine of Keres, which had become a lot more Takenified.

The Oracle Engine

We are given a new quest known as The Oracle Engine, tasking us to climb the Spine of Keres, eliminating Taken the whole way. Featuring arc charge mechanics that should be familiar to Destiny players, this quest culminates in a fierce battle against two powerful Taken Ogres.

Mukor Soulkeeper

The incredibly annoying thing about Taken Ogres is that they push you back with their damaging eye-beams so it is important to keep as much cover as possible between you and them.

(Minor Spoiler) Once the quest is over and the corruption is dispelled, Petra states that the pattern of stolen relics and invading the tower don’t add up. Clearly, this is going to be a recurring quest chain over the coming weeks, culminating in something huge.

If Xivu Arath is involved, it is certainly not going to be simple, but fingers crossed we get an Exotic out of the deal as well.

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